AISWare IO—Intelligent Operation

Based on platform tools that have accumulated 20+ years business operation practices, AsiaInfo Technologies has helped industrial customers achieve business objectives of increasing revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and control operation risks through the so called "Connect-Know-Act-Evaluate" data-driven closed-loop operation systems and the operation products such as Smart Operation, Smart Sharing, Smart Info, and Smart Connection.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Smart Operation

    It integrates basic capabilities such as operator channels, contact-points, and data tags to achieve a layered planarization, and multi-dimensional coordinated overall operation of "customer insight - business understanding - scenario perception - scenario construction", assisting operators to achieve real-time, timely, and appropriate scene operations.

  • Smart Info

    It integrates corporate business, data capabilities, and WeChat open capabilities to help companies build an integrated Internet marketing service toolset for private domain traffic operation capabilities, including WeChat business halls, WeChat official accounts matrix operation management, WeChat applets matrix management, and enterprise WeChat private domain fan management, H5 marketing, QR code marketing and other tools.

  • Smart Sharing

    It is based on telecom operator data, commercial open data, and enterprise-owned data. It deeply mines and precipitates industrial data application models based on a big data platform and provides big data SaaS services to customers in the financial, e-government, public service, and transportation industries.

  • Smart Connection

    For the vehicle pre-installation and post-installation market, it integrates the "cloud" (platform + content application), "management" (4G + IoT dedicated network), and "terminal" (vehicle terminal) into the connected car operation platform.


AISWare IO is widely used in telecom, cable, e-government and public service, finance, transportation and other industries. Smart Connection has been awarded as outstanding solutions in China's software industry in 2018. Smart Sharing won the Beijing New Technology and New Product (Service) Certificate jointly issued by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Economic and Information Technology Bureau and other four commissions in 2019.