Smart Enterprise Service Solution

In response to the needs of the “service-oriented” government, develop a matrix of enterprise service resources and operating tools, build a unified communication bridge between enterprise and government, serve enterprises by way of operation, and provide a one-stop government service platform; at the same time, rely on big data capabilities to deeply integrate and fully mine the enterprise data and government data, output rich product capabilities in combination with business scenarios, and assist management departments to implement scientific and accurate policies.

Solution Value

  • Practice policy implementation, and implement the functions of government and park

    Continue to provide the medium and environment for the government’s policies of promoting the transformation and upgrading of regional industries.

  • Boost the transformation of industrial regulation and build resources for innovation ecology

    Conduct intelligent analysis to the regional industries with precise and efficient absolute advantages, and further improve the efficiency of resource allocation to provide data support for industrial development.

  • Improve government service capabilities and optimize business environment

    Provide advanced, efficient and innovative means for governments at all levels to deepen management, improve service capabilities, and improve the business environment.

  • Help the government and park to attract investment accurately

    Based on the closed-loop analysis of chain business - business selection - doing business, help the investment attraction department to accurately obtain investment resources and quickly and accurately locate the target companies through big data, AI and other methods.

Engineering supervision solution

Catering to key engineering supervision departments in various regions, with video scheduling as the core, provide “a set of standards, a platform, and multiple systems” to create an intelligent supervision service platform with key projects as the subject featuring multi-party collaboration, multi-level linkage, management and pre-control, integration and efficiency, and realize the supervision of construction progress, investment progress, quality and safety of key projects in the jurisdiction.

Solution Value

Through the online management and control of the whole process of engineering supervision, realize automatic warning and automatic work order rectification to make engineering supervision more convenient and intelligent, and based on the monitoring video scheduling capability of one-window check of construction site, strengthen the binding on project implementation to better promote the progress and quality of key projects. Provide product integration and customization capabilities to meet differentiated needs of customers and enhance customer perception based on rapid product deployment.

Smart Policing Solution

The solution combines IT & DT, performs deep mining and analysis based on location data, obtains personnel flow statistics, conducts insights on population data, and interacts with the people. It can realize real-time information push release, accurate tagging of public information release, investigation and collection of case-handling clues, interactive survey of public satisfaction.

Solution Value Proposition

It has built a digital operation solution for public security management, helping government departments to more intelligently carry out crowd insight analysis, real-time police resource scheduling, emergency information release, anti-telecom fraud, and traffic diversion.

Smart Public Service Solution

This solution meets various public management needs for analyzing and managing real-time personnel location and mobility, and can provide public management departments with functions such as population heat maps, crowd flow monitoring and analysis, crowd analysis, and crowd preference analysis.

Solution Value Proposition

Based on real-time personnel location information, it provides various models based on geographical dimensions, data dimensions, time dimensions, and status dimensions to analyze personnel flow, including model analysis of activity, mobility, behavior, work, life, inflow and outflow, and promotes the big data application level of public management department and improves the capability of social governance.

Smart City Solution

This solution integrates various intelligent sensing devices and various application systems, and centrally presents key data of core systems of smart cities (towns, campuses, and communities), realizes integrated visualization management and control interaction in various fields, and provides BigData Analysis for management decision-making support, to achieve the intelligent management of the city IoT devices, improve the level of comprehensive city management.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Innovative management model and reengineering management process

    It supports data sharing and forms a refined big data management mechanism for smart cities that are connecting upstream and downstream, coordinating across departments, and applying innovations.

  • Serving people's livelihoods

    It addresses the issues of “people's livelihoods, government pain points, and management difficulties”in urban management. It uses data aggregation and sharing as a way to complete community safety, elderly care, smart physical examination, food inspection, food processing, and environmental monitoring, fire fighting, elevator safety, residential water, road stagnant water and sewage manhole cover management, etc., forming a large-scale urban management and governance.

  • Smart urban brain

    It builds an intelligent comprehensive urban operation and management center with comprehensive data operation capabilities, big data analysis and mining capabilities, and forecasting and early warning, which improves the level of refinement and intelligence of urban management, and enables rapid prediction, precise commanding, and efficient processing across regions.

  • Metropolitan IoT Perception Network

    It integrates intelligent perception networks to build “neuron ends” that collect data, helping to refine urban management.

Smart Campus Solution

By introducing e-commerce, e-government, property management, enterprises, merchants and other business supply or consumption needs, this solution includes the three platforms, such as campus property management platform, campus e-commerce operation platform, campus intelligent IoT platform, and two mobile apps which are property management app, and employee app. It provides property management companies with an efficient and secure property management platform with integrated management and control of SaaS service models, standardized services, and refined operations.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Optimization of customer service

    It establishes a unified view of customers to achieve integrated management of owners' repairs, complaints, consultations, renovations, inspections, leases, and charges.

  • Enhancement of Internal management

    It realizes standardized and efficient internal management of enterprises through WEB + APP tools, refined management of mobile office, facilities and equipment assets, dynamic control of quality inspection, and comprehensive statistical analysis.

  • Diversified communication and interaction

    It establishes communication and interaction channels with owners through APP and WeChat contacts, and provides value-added services such as property management, e-commerce, and O2O services.

  • Unified smart device access

    It provides unified access to smart hardware such as keycard entry, parking barriers, security, and smart home.

Smart Fire Fighting Solution

Based on the IoT technology, the post-installed smoke sensor links with the property management, fire protection, monitoring, broadcasting system, and access control system. This solution creates a smart fire protection platform and realizes the intelligent interaction among the regional fire protection IoT devices to further enhance regional fire prevention and control capabilities.

Solution Value Proposition

Integrating fire fighting equipment data to form the capabilities of warning beforehand and command handling at the time of fire disaster to improve fire fighting efficiency
  • Unified basic device management

    The locations of intelligent sensor devices of multiple subsystems are identified on the map, including smoke detection, surveillance cameras, keycard entry, etc., and unified management of device information and status with unified coding.

  • Cross-system data integration

    It integrates data within the network for unified visualization and presentation, and establishes a decision support system.

  • Multi-system smart connection

    It interconnects with early warning, population management, security patrol, and water systems to achieve sub-system linkage for firefighting scenarios.

Smart Elderly Care Solution

With the help of various intelligent data collection devices and control terminals, this solution combines different elderly care models and establishes an information platform to integrate various data on social resources, government resources, and market resources related to elderly care services. After the data is cleaned, mined, and correlated, this solution promotes the effective integration of physical space and information space related to elderly care services, and makes intelligent and effective responses to elderly care activities.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Social Value

    It helps family members of the elderly, communities / institutions to understand the detailed living information of the elderly in real time, so as to provide timely and thoughtful living services for the elderly

  • Management Value

    It helps the government department to intuitively grasp the elderly data, makes timely and accurate related decisions; and provides security, health care, living services, entertainment and other comprehensive service support for the elderly