Power Generation and Control Solution

Realize the real-time online monitoring of the main production process of the power enterprise, fully control the operation status of the production equipment of the power enterprise, timely find out the changes and hidden dangers in the production activities, real-time summarize and analyze all kinds of production process data, multi-dimensional analysis, and provide data support for the production decision-making of the power enterprise.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Real-time data acquisition

    realize real-time acquisition of in-process data across the plant using the data interface platform.

  • Online data storage

    realize online storage of massive data with the aid of the real-time historical database system.

  • Dynamic analysis

    realize the calculation, display, analysis and statistics of production data with the aid of configuration screen, trend analysis and production report.

  • Monitoring and early warning

    realize equipment operation status statistics and equipment exception early warning and alarm through hyperline statistics, start-stop statistics and data alarm.

  • Analysis and mining

    Complete in-depth data mining and mass data analysis in various professional fields through performance analysis, transient analysis, radiation risk analysis, loss analysis, optimization of working conditions.

Visual Inspection Solution

Visual Inspection Solutions (E-inspection) are collaborative tools for equipment inspection and maintenance of power enterprises. They connect on-site maintenance, remote experts, safety supervision, external coordinators and relevant leaders based on tasks with the help of “E-inspection”; realize high-definition and low-latency real-time communication under the Internet condition through text, voice, multi-party video, file sharing and other means.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Boost efficiency

    the maintenance personnel handle the maintenance application on site by mobile working. Several professionals work with the maintenance personnel via online AV devices to help with the diagnose and maintenance so as to boost the efficiency.

  • Improve quality

    conduct mobile and electronic maintenance to establish the standard process, and adopt visual supervision to improve the process compliance, so as to put an end to illegal operations and reduce human errors.

  • Guarantee safety

    the safety supervisor remotely supervises over the emergency repair site and correct the illegal operations.