Postal Data Center Solution

The solution provides provincial postal enterprise customers with business applications such as decision-making support, sales and marketing services, data mining and results release and sharing, and assists customers in comprehensive design and application such as business operation monitoring, marketing process run-through, assistant decision analysis, multi-channel data sharing, by virtue of the capabilities of big data processing, multi-dimensional data analysis and data visualization.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Topple the data barriers of various business sectors

    unify and integrate the isolated system data scattered in various business systems, achieve the identification and integration of data information such as customers, products and channels, establish a unified foundation for digital postal data and lay a solid foundation for comprehensive analysis of customers and channels.

  • Achieve data-driven decision-making and improve the operation level

    establish an analytical application system covering different persons and roles at the provincial, municipal and district/county levels, provide differentiated data operation support capabilities for analysts at different levels of capabilities, improve the data operation level of enterprises and enhance the data operation awareness of enterprise personnel.

Delivery Service Solution

Seize the “first mile” and “last mile” market of the delivery service through personalized orders of the terminal pick-up and delivery service in specific areas; integrate the internal system and external express system, achieve the ecological operation of collection and unified delivery, and collect and integrate multi-source data, thereby building an application model centered on the display of business management statistics and supplemented by data mining-supported decision-making.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Seize the “last mile” delivery service market

    fill in the gaps in the personalized service at the provincial, municipal and state levels and the “first mile” and “last mile” delivery service, and compete with the Internet platforms.

  • Seize the end market

    directly contact users and seize the untapped “first mile” and “last mile” market.