Operation Services

By using the matured operation products and tools of AsiaInfo technologies, as well as the data assets of operators with good cooperation and customers’ private data assets, AsiaInfo Technologies provides operators and enterprises with operation services such as " acquiring new customers, promoting active customers, increasing business volume, and retaining existing customers " based on AI technology, and provides governments with public services, and city management and operation services based on big data.

360 Degree Customer Insight Algorithm Series
Dynamic Adaptation on “Consumer-Product-Scenario model”
Private Domain Data Traffic Connection and Touch Tool Support
Scenario-based Operation Design and Execution Service
Grid Operation Service and Tool Support
Public Management Support Services, such as Intelligent Multi-Dimensional Population Insight.
Integration Services
End-to-End Hardware and Software Integration
AsiaInfo Technologies leverages end-to-end system integration capabilities to provide customers with turnkey projects covering software, hardware, network and other related resources.
Principle of Technology Neutrality
Adhering to the principle of technology neutrality, AsiaInfo Technologies' products support integration with 3rd-party products, to protect customers' previous investments, help customers to control costs, and work with customers to formulate corporate technical standards.
Broad Strategic Synergy
We cooperate with the cornerstone investors such as Baidu, Lenovo, Kingdee, etc. and actively carry out business-level collaboration. We also carry out in-depth cooperation with Alibaba cloud and other partners in relevant fields to strengthen cooperation and coordinated development.