Bank Data Asset Management Solution

Powered by the new generation of intelligent data management technologies with intelligent data, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent control features and based on 360 data of the finance industry, AsiaInfo Technologies enables financial institutions to develop big data capabilities such as internal and external data analysis, data sharing, data service, data mining, index management, and data management and control.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Three data diagrams

    data distribution diagram, data system diagram and data ecology diagram, which are used for business operation.

  • Data map

    the data management ability is embedded into the data production line in the form of service to promote management by service.

  • Index control

    unified indexes and rules are established to realize a unified and standardized quantitative control of businesses.

  • Customer portrait

    a comprehensive portrait of customers is generated using customer business tag, behavior tag, product tag, value tag, marketing tag, as well as risk control model, anti-fraud model and credit rating model.

Insurance CRM Solution

It integrates customer, service, channel, marketing and other resources to help insurance companies improve their abilities of customer service management, marketing management, channel contact management, sales management, product management and internal operation management, and support their core businesses pertaining to customer, service, marketing, sales, member points and knowledge base.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Complete customer information

    aggregate and share customer resource information, establish the only coherent, accurate and complete view of customers, describe, understand and perceive customers in an all-round way with the aid of customer tags on the basis of unified management of customer resources, and conduct a multi-dimensional analysis on business data such as customers, insurance policies and claim settlement, so as to fully meet the needs for internal management analysis and decision support.

  • Premium service

    develop the refined service and marketing capability to achieve closed-loop service management and customer experience management. Take part in the customer journey in all ways and through multiple channels, enhance the interaction with customers in all aspects by reversing the past practice of communicating with insurance customers once a year and transforming low-frequency contact to high-frequency contact, improve the customer service ability, and take the CRM system as the key link between customers and services/ products.

  • Smart operation

    build a CRM digital operation framework, and carry out smart service and marketing management to realize data-driven and continuous operation and digital insurance behaviors.

AI Quantitative Financial Solution

Mathematical models are used to replace human subjective judgments. Computer technology is used to select trading varieties that bring investors excessive returns. Machine learning intelligently generates strategies to automatically trade and evaluate. It could reduce the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations, avoid irrational investment decisions, and create scale effects. Millisecond-level real-time high-speed processing capabilities could make lower cost to buy when rising, and get earlier profit to leave when falling. One step faster means more profit!

Solution Value Proposition

  • Ultra-high-speed processing of complex events

    For real trading, it analyzes volume, price, fundamentals and other data through big data and generation signals; it uses big data to precompute and incrementally compute historical data such as volume and price with millisecond level real-time processing capability which means one step ahead.

  • Quantitative long strategy

    it uses intelligent distributed evaluation system and quantified community learning strategy, and verifies the strategy on simulated transactions, and finally put your own strategy on the real operation. Among them, the use of cutting-edge technologies such as distributed computing, big data, and AI could maximize the assistance to the strategy running effectively and ultimately achieve benefits.

  • Intelligent distributed evaluation

    For the distributed calculation of evaluation or evaluation tuning requests submitted by many users, it uses Docker and deep learning to preprocess evaluation requests, and intelligently filter out unreasonable evaluation requests, thereby improving evaluation efficiency.