Loyalty Benefit Center Solution

It cooperates with Internet companies through the B2I2C model, integrates self-owned and other industry benefits, and provides various benefit grant, charge-off, and buyback capabilities, interacting with various touchpoints and core systems, and achieving multi-industry benefit resources Integration to realize customer development and value enhancement via loyalty benefit operations.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Building a benefit ecosystem

    a customer-centric value operation system with benefit as a carrier, integrating selected benefits of partners in various industries to form an ecosystem, and helping operators extend from communications services to living services.

  • Improving operational efficiency

    internally to retain the existing subscribers, improve the quality of subscribers, increase revenue, externally achieve multi-industry membership interoperability, multi-type benefits exchange, reciprocity across brands, and ultimately achieve multi-channel membership operations integration, convergence, and intelligence.

Precision Marketing Solution

This solution uses the big data platform to obtain user characteristics, consumption, location, accessed contents, terminal and other data, and uses machine learning technology to focus on users, products, contact points, and events to build real-time, intelligent, and scenario-based precision marketing capabilities for customers and provide operation support services. This solution quickly achieves target customer locating, marketing strategy matching, and marketing task generation. It promptly pushes marketing information to target customers through rich online and offline channels, and supports customers to order products through SMS reply, one-click processing, etc. to promote both marketing efficiency and value.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Integrating channels of marketing campaign execution

    integrating existing business support systems, big data systems, channel systems, and unifying the operating portals to resolve issues such as poor connection among platforms, long marketing process flow, and slow execution, to achieve one-stop configuration and execution on all channels.

  • Improving operation precision

    forming a database holding information of all products and all touchpoints, supporting the flexible combination of multiple strategies for the same customer.

  • Realizing marketing campaign effect feedback

    achieving a unified marketing evaluation indicator system, to realize standardized collection of marketing results feedback information.

New Retail Solution

This solution integrates upstream and downstream resources, introduces big data and Internet technologies, injects smart supply and smart sales capabilities into channels, realizes the innovation and transformation of channel retail, and builds a retail ecological platform that carries all customers, all products, all channels and all data.

Solution Value Proposition

The solution flexibly supports the three core capabilities of the new retail, which are supply chain, sales chain and data chain, and adapts to various new retail needs.
  • Smart supply chain

    Connecting with suppliers, channel providers, service providers, etc., integrating with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and realizing one-stop procurement and one-click management of self-owned and 3rd Party products.

  • Smart sales chain

    Supporting channels to build warehouses on demand, distribute goods on demand, replenish goods on demand, and allocate goods on demand to transform the channel from a traditional low-efficiency sales model to a store-warehouse-integrated sales model.

  • Intelligence Enabled

    Providing guidance and suggestions on market development decisions, business opportunity mining, and personalized shopping guides.

Smart Shop Solution

Through new technologies such as face recognition, crowd flow analysis, area tracking, and multi-dimensional statistics, this solution provides intelligent store operations, experiential marketing services, ecological store retail, and creates experiential, intelligent, and open omnichannel convergent operation system. The solution realizes precision marketing and refined operations, improves the customer experience, has better marketing effects, and improves business conversion rates.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Comprehensive data collection

    It uses a variety of intelligent devices and technologies to interact with users to record all behavior tracks of users in the store, generates offline user data, integrates the system platform through human manual and technical means, and associates online and offline data to form a comprehensive data set.

  • Convergent service marketing

    It guides traffic to online self-service, enables online transactions promoting offline transactions, provides intelligent and scenario-based service experience, and supports precision marketing.

  • Data supported store operations

    It supports store location optimization, intelligent product management and control, intelligent inventory management and settlement, open supply chain system, order placement and automatic generation of supply orders and delivery plans.

Online Customer Service Solution

This solution uses Rich Communication Service (RCS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to integrate various Internet channels into the customer service system to achieve omni-channel and all-media support. It solves the communication problems between various Internet channels and enterprises, builds an Internet ecosystem for customer service, and improves customer service experience.

Solution Value Proposition

For complex connection scenarios of people and things, it breaks through corporate channels, media, data, and intelligent collaboration through resource convergence, interconnection, integration, and intelligent operation. It holds centralized communication capabilities, omnichannel multimedia contact models, and integration throughout the entire service process, and Intelligent collaboration to improves service efficiency.

Customer Experience Management Solution

Relying on a fully integrated business data foundation, it achieves emotional insights into users, the solution uses multiple channels and forms to gradually repair negative user emotions, strengthens benign values through positive interactions, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. At the same time, it strengthens the management and control of the entire customer experience and achieves overall operation and in-depth analysis support for the customer experience.

Solution Value Proposition

  • User insight ability

    Establishes a user experience labeling system centered on customer experience perception, analyzes customer business characteristics, behavior characteristics, etc., and obtains users' true emotional portraits.

  • Perceived repair capability

    Repairs customer emotions according to the analysis of complaint data through different types of marketing services such as data traffic gifting, making it a repair tool for customer experience emotions.

  • Interaction Enhancement Capability

    uses benign interaction forms by adopting internet thinking such as event interaction and brand communication to create differentiated experiences and improve customer loyalty through the Internet channels such as mobile store and WeChat store.

  • Operational management and control capabilities

    Establish an indicator system for customer experience operation management, and form a display form of data indicators in different dimensions, such as city companies and branches, to form an intuitive and effective control of customer experience.