Data Management Solutions under "Industry 4.0"

Industry 4.0 can be viewed as the circulation and interaction of data, hardware, software, and intelligence. Data is obtained from smart devices and networks, and then it is stored, analyzed, and visualized using big data and machine-based analysis tools. Ultimately “intelligent information” can be used by decision makers or as part of a broader asset optimization or strategic decision process in various industrial systems

Solution Value Proposition

  • Improvement of production management

    Provides optimization of production processes based on cause analysis, predictive maintenance of equipment, abnormal monitoring of production lines, and product quality control.

  • Improvement of supplier management

    Provides risk prediction and analysis, optimization of delivery time and path, supplier evaluation and credit management.

  • Enhancement of customer demand management

    provide demand mining of customer behavior, accurate and personalized product pricing, predictive maintenance and repair of products, and better product experience.

  • Enhancement of operation value

    to achieve better management of assets, reasonable resource consumption, avoid human error, recommend technical tools in real time, and enhance user efficiency and convenience.