AISWare FlyingServer

Product superiority

Product value


Meet the user demands in multiple scenarios:

  • Supporting multiple system environments, providing cluster management, supporting WEB container and EJB container, and providing multiple data monitoring at runtime. Bringing users an excellent experience.

Stable and reliable performance provides stable operation guarantee for the business:

  • Passing the TPCW test of the industry and running smoothly for 7*24 hours under 300 concurrences of dual instances. The stable and reliable product performance provides higher assurance levels to enterprises. Independent R&D makes it more safe and reliable.

Co-construction and sharing of information innovation ecosystem to meet the localization needs of customers

  • Based on the specification of Web middleware, the localized independent development has been completed, which is widely compatible and mutually recognized with the products information innovation ecosystem to meet the needs of replacing with localized products of users.

Application scenario

WEB application deployment
  • Providing container services for Web applications, and providing multiple optimizations such as request, monitoring, and configuration for WEB applications.
Interface application deployment
  • Providing invocation authentication for the interface layer, providing services such as communication encryption protocol, and digital signature.
Backend application deployment
  • Providing EJB container services for backend applications.

Customer success case

The CRM project of an operator

AISWare FlyingServer is a Web middleware that supports Web container and EJB container, which has been widely applied in the telecommunications industry. It is widely used in the communications market because of the characteristics of high performance and high stability. In a large CRM project of an operator, FlyingServer was introduced as a Web container, with multi-tenant routing functions being added according to customer needs, and multiple functional modules such as request fault tolerance, alarm, and connection pool were optimized. After the system was launched, FlyingServer successfully guarantees the continuous and stable operation of the service, successfully exploring the replacement of localized system for the operator.

A localized replacement project for a government affairs platform

Success story 2: The government affair sector has an increasing demand for localized systems with autonomous and controllable capabilities. In the process of information construction of a provincial government affairs network, FlyingServer, as a localized middleware with autonomous and controllable capabilities, provides web container and ejb container capabilities, and extensively supports various localized hardware platforms, operating systems and other middleware.

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