Intelligent Highway Integrated Operation Solution

AsiaInfo Technologies has developed an enterprise-based highway integrated operation system for centralized operation and management of highway operation enterprise’s equipment, data, service and system. By delivering the integrated operation and management functionality in multiple domains such as IT-based operation and maintenance monitoring, visualized service monitoring, service inspection and analysis and IoT monitoring, it helps highway operation enterprises decrease cost and boost benefits and steams up the digital transformation of highway service.

Solution Value Proposition

Develop an enterprise-based highway integrated operation system targeting “equipment-data-service-system”.
  • Visual representation

    PC/ APP large screen/ 3D is used to provide personalized displays for users at all levels including operation departments, business management personnel, operation and maintenance staff, and surveillance personnel on duty.

  • Resource management

    build a well-designed resource model for standardized management and control of resource status in an all-round way, to enhance the efficiency of resource data maintenance, and improve the quality of resource data.

  • Monitoring and management

    provide various professional monitoring technologies and services covering equipment, data, system, business, etc. to achieve accurate alarm processing and automatic and efficient post-processing recovery.

  • Operation analysis

    leverage a large amount of operation and maintenance data to build a centralized management system of operation and maintenance data. Conduct correlation analysis of different types of data to tap the potential values of data in supporting business operation and maintenance for the purpose of data realization.

Traffic Service CRM Solution

Traffic service CRM solution encompasses such functionalities as customer management, customer insight, 360 view, marketing, channel, etc., covering an enterprise’s full customer lifecycle. It is widely-implemented for managing an enterprise’s interactions with existing and potential end users. It helps enterprises conduct comprehensive analysis on the needs and preferences of their end users, enabling them to improve the efficiency of their sales and marketing and customer services, attract, serve and retain end users, and increase value of their end users.

Solution Value Proposition

Build a “customer-focused” management system, transforming from the “vehicle-highway” dominated operation mode to the “user-vehicle-highway-X” coordinated operation mode, realizing the refined operation of end users, and promoting service diversification.
  • Digital user identification

    identify customers against consistent features across services and platforms, and develop a profound insight into users’ private needs.

  • Digital channeling

    connect with end users through digital channels to provide them with real-time and accurate services.

  • Digital resource deployment

    maximize the economy of an enterprise’s resources and optimize the enterprise’s service process.

5G-based User-vehicle-highway Coordinated Solution

Make use of location data to divert the trucks or buses running on inbound national highways to their target expressways.

Solution Value Proposition

Build a “customer-focused” management system, transforming from the “vehicle-highway” dominated operation mode to the “user-vehicle-highway-X” coordinated operation mode, realizing the refined operation of end users, and promoting service diversification.
  • Increase income by traffic flow diversion

    leverage business, data and technical capabilities to identify the target user group and then divert the potential vehicles to run through the target highways, so as to increase the toll revenue and improve the enterprise revenue.

  • Improve data depth

    establish cooperation with enterprises boasting of good data quality and high data value in the industry, and import user behavior data to complement with traffic data, so as to improve the data breadth and thickness and enhance data-based applications.

  • Consolidate customer relationship

    transform from “low-frequency contact” to Internet-based “high-frequency contact” with customers to improve the identification of user characteristics, and foster a systematic customer-oriented management ability.

Transportation Service Big Data Solution

Build business, data, AI and technology middleground platforms to realize standardized and systematic integration of big data, inspection, risk management and other businesses, and support refined operation and management.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Scenario based

    realize scenario-based service adaption through capacity reuse, arrangement and scheduling.

  • Personalization

    carry out scenario-based agile configuration using the mechanism of capacity sharing and personalized capacity expansion to accommodate personalized needs and improve differentiated values.

  • Unification

    support centralized capacity operation through the unified distributed service framework and micro service capability and based on the business capability operation framework.

GCV Intelligent Supervision Solution

By taking advantage of the characteristics of the blockchain, such as decentralization, data tamper-resistance, multi-node maintenance, etc., AsiaInfo Technologies manages to improve the whole business process of expressway GCV booking, monitoring, inspection, free passage, etc., combines with the user-defined credit system based on farmer enterprises, vehicles and drivers to improve the traffic efficiency of expressway GCV and eliminate toll evasion, and employs tracing, traffic analysis , intelligent inspection, intelligent deployment, toll discount, etc. to achieve integrated intelligent supervision.

Solution Value Proposition

  • Reliable whole-process data

    the chain information at each point of the whole process can’t be tampered with and can be traced in time to ensure data reliability.

  • Standardize the specifications for drivers’ GCV booking application

    provide directions for applying drivers to fill in the applications as prescribed, so as to put an end to counterfeiting and mixed loading.

  • Enhance the efficiency of internal supervision

    perform real-time supervision to prevent collusion, and practice a convenient evidence collection flow to eradicate buck passing, so as to improve the efficiency of each station’s work distribution, and boost the workforce’s productivity.

  • Improve the mobility of traffic on green channel routes and mitigate congestion on expressways

    check the road saturation according to real-time weather data, road conditions and station appointment, make an intelligent planning of the optimal route and mitigate congestion on expressways.