AISware OSS-RC helps operators manage complex and massive all-profession communication network resources, providing standardized, centralized, automated, intelligent, and visual resource management capabilities in scenarios such as “planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and optimization”, and helping operators improve the quality, reduce cost, and increase efficiency of network operation.

Product superiority

Product value


Unified resource data export

  • Breaking data islands, covering all-profession resource management, establishing a unified resource data model, and forming a high-quality network-wide unified resource data export.

End-to-end service support capabilities throughout pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales

  • Supporting network planning and optimizing network structure.
  • Supporting rapid activation of service.
  • Supporting rapid fault positioning, performance optimization, etc.

AI enables intelligent operations

  • Introducing flexible and convenient operations tools to realize automated and intelligent operations.

Application scenario

Resource management domain
  • Full life cycle management of all-profession resources
Service activation support domain
  • Wired service activation support
  • Support for the activation of government and corporate services
  • Support for activation of new services (5G, cloud-network integration, Internet of Things, etc.)
Daily network maintenance inspection domain
  • Inspection of base station equipment
  • Resource line inspection of transmission network pipeline
  • Resource pre-coverage analysis
Intelligent scheduling domain
  • Rapid activation of service
  • Bandwidth adjustment on demand
  • Service routing optimization

Customer success case

Successfully supporting the first “middle-ground” network resource management system of an operator

Based on the micro-service and cloud architecture, the unified management of all-profession resources in a certain province has been realized, which effectively improves the quality of resource data; the rapid activation of wired services, government and corporate services, wireless services and new services are supported, which has been recognized by 16 municipal and provincial companies implementing the system.

  • 90+% The integrity rate and accuracy rate of resource data management reach
  • 70% increase in work order processing cycle
  • 30%% decrease in manual processing costs
  • 65% increase in the efficiency of processing various resources

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