AISWare 5G Agile Network

It is a collection of industry private network products created by AsiaInfo, comprising 5G core network, MEC edge computing platform and private network operation platform, and it is an end-to-end solution that integrates 5G network planning, design, construction, running, operations and other capabilities.

Product superiority

Product value


Safer data

  • Supporting independent network construction or the construction of a hybrid private network based on network slicing, UPF sinking and edge computing technologies to achieve data isolation without leaving the campus, and realize the data security higher than that of mobile basic networks

More far-reaching coverage

  • Based on AsiaInfo’s network technology, a 5G independent private network has been built as a supplement to the basic networks of operators, allowing the network to be versatile to empower many industries, promote innovative 5G applications for industry customers, improve production efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

More convenient network operation management

  • AsiaInfo’s 5G private network operation platform provides the full lifecycle management of private network subscription-planning-construction-provisioning-operations-running, as well as the visualization of network planning, provisioning, business orchestration, and process design, making the running and operations closer to the industry needs and capabilities.

Application scenario

Smart nuclear power
  • Video security monitoring
  • Personnel and equipment management
  • Mobile office
Smart port
  • Remote control of port machinery
  • Unmanned container truck and AGV scheduling
  • Intelligent security monitoring
Smart steel
  • 5G unmanned overhead crane
  • Machine-aided visual quality inspection
  • 5G AR remote assistance

Customer success case

An operator

An operator cooperated with the local government affairs system to take advantage of UPF sinking and MEC technology to build a private government affairs network and realize 5G mobile office

A power plant

A power plant built a private network to create a 5G smart power plant where the data is transmitted through the 5G private network, and completely physically isolated from the public network, so that the data in the production area will not leave the area.

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