AISWare AI² Edge

An integrated software and hardware product for the edge intelligence scenarios of all industries, which deploys AsiaInfo’s rich and powerful AI capabilities to the edge in a lightweight manner. With variety of product forms to meet the user needs in various business scenarios, it can empower multiple industries such as security, energy, communications, etc., serve the society and improve people’s livelihood.

Product superiority

Product value


All-round intelligent supervision

  • Providing a full range of intelligent supervision capabilities for production safety
  • High model recognition accuracy and low false alarm rate
  • Realizing the intelligence of security

Eliminating safety hazards ASAP

  • Identifying whether the safety protection measures of the operators and whether the safety protection facilities are in place in a timely manner
  • Actively informing the monitoring personnel and operators through various forms, including audible and visual alarm of monitoring large-screen, text messages, mobile phone voice call prompt, etc.
  • Avoiding potential risks to ensure production safety

Mass data acquisition and processing

  • Data acquisition through extensive protocol support and connection support
  • Storing and processing a large amount of data at the edge
  • Reducing cloud computing load

Better network adaptability

  • Only transmitting calculation results back to the cloud
  • Low requirements for transmission network bandwidth
  • Still running all or part of the work in case of bad or interrupted network
  • Reducing the impact of network changes on applications

Real-time response

  • Most calculations and storage are done locally
  • Reducing the delay by 1-5ms

Application scenario

Smart community
  • People and vehicle access gate
  • Electronic fence
  • Fire engine access monitoring
  • Building security door monitoring
Smart park
  • Park security
  • Park operation
  • Park access
Smart construction site
  • Standard operation management of staff
  • Intelligent prevention of safety accidents
  • Management improvement of construction site
Smart power
  • Comprehensive supervision of plant
  • Power station security
  • Personnel safety control
  • Production safety supervision
Smart campus
  • Campus security
  • Campus operation
  • Smart classroom
Smart computer room
  • Improvement of IDC security level
  • Intelligent prevention of safety accidents
  • Offline routing inspection of robot

Customer success case

A security AI analysis system platform for a smart park

The edge-end equipment in a smart office park are managed in a unified manner to centralize data resources, with 100 channels covered by AI algorithms, and AI smart algorithms such as dynamic human traffic monitoring, core area intrusion, and population statistics are used to empower park management.Application effect: It helps security system monitor the core area, with prompt reminder of gathering of people and notification of vehicles occupying the road, saving 85% of monitoring efforts of security personnel.

  • 85% Security inspection manpower is reduced by
AI video surveillance platform of an operator

The independently developed AI capabilities based on video images are implemented on the platform to realize stranger recognition, mask recognition, regional intrusion recognition, and dynamic human traffic recognition. The intelligent monitoring of personnel, equipment and environment in the computer room has gradually realized few manned/unmanned IDC computer room.Application effect: During the epidemic, it monitors the mask wearing, analyze and recognize faces, and feed back the recognition results to the General Department in time to fight the epidemic together.

  • 98% The accuracy rate is as high as

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