AISWare DataDiscovery

AISWare DataDiscovery is an agile and open data analysis and visualization tool that supports the magnitude of big data. It provides rich visual representations and simple drag-and-drop operation, integrates a variety of data analysis algorithms, conducts systematic discovery and analysis of data, and quickly helps companies build a data visualization analysis system in order to realize intelligent decision-making of companies.

Product superiority

Product value


Easy-to-use operation experience

  • Visual database access, offline data uploading, data filling report, fast connection of all kinds of data
  • Visual model creation to complete all kinds of data model creation without coding
  • With drag-and-drop visual presentation and dashboard production through drag-and-drop operation, everyone can analyze data

Intelligent insight into the data value

  • Providing data analysis capabilities such as report linkage, data drill-down, indicator grading, distribution warning, and jumping to details
  • Correlation analysis and insight prediction capabilities based on complex data models can be realized by scientific calculations

Multi-scenario adaptation to cover users of different roles

  • Supporting data portal, Web specific analysis, real-time data large screen, mobile terminal report, e-mail pushing, so as to adapt to data display in various environments
  • Multiple product forms, including dashboard production, self-service access, and online analysis report, meet the needs of different roles in various industries
  • External component access, open dashboard, and external integration of chart components support customization requirements for specific scenarios

Application scenario

Creation of a visual portal
  • Dashboard production
  • Real-time data updating
  • Dashboard integration
Construction of BI analysis system
  • Operational analysis module
  • Assessment analysis module
  • Business opportunity analysis module
  • Area analysis module
Fire control precision analysis
  • Victim analysis
  • Fire site analysis
  • Building category analysis
  • Ignition source analysis
  • Time trend analysis
Intelligent marketing analysis system
  • Detail overview
  • Planning analysis
  • Real-time marketing
  • Renewal prediction

Customer success case

Building operator data portals to help achieve precision marketing

With DTS, customer data insights can be conducted to build operator data portals and utilize sharing and collaboration capabilities to push data to the marketing platform through the pushing interface with one click, and simulation analysis of target customer group can be achieved through comparative analysis.Through self-service access, the latest consumption data of regular customers with high telephone charge/traffic can be extracted to support package upgrading marketing.

  • 100% Data analysis efficiency is increased by
  • 50% data development resources is reduced by
Assisting a fire research institute to conduct accurate fire analysis

A fire research institute studied more than 30 firefighting yearbook reports in a short period of time with the help of AISWare DataDiscovery to conduct multi-dimensional specific analysis including the analysis of death toll caused by fire, the analysis of fire site, the analysis of building category, the analysis of the ignition source, and the analysis of time trend, and used the indicator discovery function to construct the overall analysis report of the disaster situation, and provide important analysis data and report presentation for fire prevention.

  • 30+ yearbook reports
  • 1% analysis report

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