A set of support systems for the fault management needs of telecommunication networks of operators (including 5G and traditional networks, providing intelligent operations guarantee capabilities for the entire life cycle of operators’ networks. Based on AsiaInfo’s communications AI platform and intelligent operations platform, it focuses on operations scenarios and needs such as intelligent fault positioning, intelligent anomaly detection, and intelligent prediction, and provides intelligent operations capabilities for network services, thereby improving operations efficiency, ensuring running quality, and reducing running costs.

Product superiority

Product value


Scalable management capabilities

  • Changing with the possible future changes of operators’ networks.

Multi-dimensional fault management support capabilities

  • It provides intelligent fault management of multi-dimensional services such as 5G network slicing, fixed-network government and enterprise services, and personalized broadband services.

Saving customers’ investment

  • Reducing OPEX: Improving efficiency through automated and intelligent operations.

Application scenario

Network slicing operations scenario
  • Unified operations of operators
  • Users’ own operations
  • Hybrid operations
Business’ end-to-end intelligent assurance scenario
  • Degradation indicator analysis
  • Fault model matching
  • Fault strategy implementation
  • Business recovery, failure loop closure

Customer success case

A communications operator

AsiaInfo has built a monitoring system for the cloud computer room of data center of a company, providing software functions such as 3D immersive visualization and intelligent monitoring. Centralized monitoring of dynamic loops has been achieved to perform dynamic loop alarms, performance, topology connections, and related business display for data center, visualize the operations of the dynamic environment of data center, and realize the core abilities of rapid discovery, precise positioning, centralized scheduling and service keep-alive.

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