Created by AsiaInfo, AISWare AntDB is a distributed financial massive parallel processing relational database product which is scalable, multi-tenant, highly available, high-performance, low-cost, domestically independent, safe and reliable. By adopting MPP architecture, and integrating transaction processing and online analysis operations, it has advanced data management and data security features, supports hundreds of millions of users, provides PB-level data processing capabilities, and is highly compatible with Oracle product features.

Product superiority

Product value


Ease of use

  • The independently developed AntDBMgr cluster management tool facilitates users to manage all functions of AntDB cluster
  • The product is designed to fully conform to the operating habits of the Chinese people, which greatly reduces the learning cost of users

Autonomous and controllable

  • A completely independent and controllable domestic database product guarantees the realization of information-based development of government and enterprise customers
  • It has independent intellectual property rights, and is compatible with multiple hardware systems, with components being able to interact with data servers across different software and hardware platforms

Highly compatible with Oracle

  • Migration from Oracle to AntDB can be realized easily without modifying codes in most cases
  • AntDB also provides a one-click data migration tool, which greatly reduces the migration workload

Flexible horizontal expansion

  • With seamless horizontal expansion with data growth, only more machines are needed to meet the needs of business growth, and the application layer does not need to care about storage capacity and throughput

Application scenario

Communication-related systems
  • One-click migration
  • Almost zero modification
  • Millisecond response
IoT-related systems
  • Scalability
  • Highly pluggable
  • Temporality and spatiality
Scenarios related to big data analysis
  • Data size below 1PB
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
Enterprise network-related system
  • Great cost advantage
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Linear performance improvement
Systems related to the party, government, and military
  • Independent R&D
  • Controllable code
  • Assurance of information security

Customer success case

AntDB - Application case (a provincial company of China Mobile)

The removal of Oracle from the customer center in a provincial company of China Mobile reflects the high compatibility of AntDB, which can help businesses achieve replacement in a low-cost, low-risk, and application-transparent manner, and uses a heterogeneous dual-plane database to ensure business continuity.

  • 96% Oracle compatibility
  • 13% the original environment
  • 0% System failure rate
The historical database query platform of a provincial company of China Mobile

A provincial company of China Mobile has carried 80T storage capacity of all historical CRM data in the past 9 years from 2011 to the latest three months, and provided instant query services for 113 business channels through the historical database query platform, with an average response of 60 milliseconds, realizing the complete removal of Oracle of historical database. Millions of costs have been saved, and the operating has been stable with zero failures for two years since launching.

  • 83% Cost saving
  • 0% System failure rate
The big data customer operation platform of a provincial company of China Unicom

The big data customer operation platform of a provincial company of China Unicom previously used GP (Greenplum) database for data analysis. With the development of business, the data size and business volume have increased significantly, and the user was considering using domestic databases.After product research and technical verification, AntDB was finally selected to replace GP database. Compared with the same hardware configuration before, the performance was improved by 6 times.

  • 6 Performance improved

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