AIRPA is AsiaInfo’s robotic process automation and intelligent R&D platform, which provides one-stop process robot development, installation and deployment, scheduling operation, monitoring and management capabilities. It customizes the visual process robot design for enterprises, efficiently outputs the digital workforce with high scalability, flexibility, and plasticity, promotes the intelligent process remodeling, and accelerates the digital upgrading of enterprises.

Product superiority

Product value


Business level: Cost reduction

  • Realizing the application effect of simple operation, flexible deployment, and reliable execution, and reducing labor costs.
  • Solving a series of problems such as large amount of manual work, mechanical duplication and low data quality in business processing.
  • Simplifying the process, reducing the error rate and overall cost while reducing processing time.

Operational level: Empowerment

  • Solving the business barriers existing in system data of most companies, enabling companies to internally eliminate barriers and effectively integrating data.
  • Ensuring the effective acquisition of structured and unstructured data between various business systems, and helping improve data-based operation

Management level: Efficiency improvement

  • Assisting companies to automatically deal with a large number of repetitive and regular workflow tasks.
  • Task automation, truly realizing 7*24*365, accurate, efficient, transparent, and traceable working mode
  • Improving the work efficiency of companies while devoting human resources to other high value-added tasks to improve human resources efficiency and management compliance

Operations level: Intelligence integration

  • Combining with AI to make RPA cognition and perception capabilities available
  • Creating an intelligent assistant robot that can simulate humans to carry out business decision-making and business processing
  • Breaking the limitation of only processing services according to specific rules of traditional RPA technology, and achieving in-depth coverage of business scenarios.

Application scenario

Bank scenario
  • Data migration between multiple systems, customer account management, automatic statement generation
  • Financial claims processing, customer blacklist and whitelist review, retail loans
  • Travel fee reimbursement, online credit card approval, fund settlement
Telecom industry scenario
  • Network optimization robots, IT routing inspection, automatic file creation for government and enterprise customers
  • Contract & agreement materials review, acquisition and backup of customer service system information
  • Regularly analysis of uploaded data, order processing.
Retail scenario
  • Manufacturer website data extraction
  • Automatic online inventory updating
  • Website import, email processing, order data processing, intelligent customer service

Customer success case

AISWare AIRPA assists a provincial operator in constructing the RPA platform

Aiming at the problem of a lot of repetitive manual work tasks faced by a provincial operator, RPA has been used to improve work efficiency. Taking resume screening as an example, the resume screening robot is started to automatically download a large number of resumes on the recruitment websites according to the screening conditions, and automatically upload the resumes to the local for analysis. The resumes that reach the preset value of the job matching rate will be saved and statement will be organized, with the mail being sent to the specified mailbox. The accuracy and efficiency of resume screening are improved, and labor costs are saved.

  • 75% Work efficiency is increased by
  • 80% The labor costs are saved by over
  • 100% The success rate tends to be

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