Product superiority

Product value


Enhanced customer experience

  • In the stage of business processing, providing the ultimate experience of the simplest order placement under multi-dimensional mode; in the stage of business use, providing scenario-based business services and real-time business control services to enhance customer operation and user experience

BO middle-ground integration

  • Further strengthening the one-stop billing gateway capability, opening up the interaction of new 5G network elements, extracting richer user consumption behaviors in the 5G network, and achieving more interactions of connections, objects, and scenario information between BO domains

IT capability opening

  • With multi-quantitative middle-ground capabilities, providing 4G+5G+DICT and other business opening capabilities, providing industry enterprises with digital product control capabilities, multi-dimensional slice management capabilities, realizing the cooperation with industry ecology, and promoting industry applications

Exploring new 5G architecture

  • Deploying business billing gateways and policy management applications as components on the edge computing platform to realize the edge deployment of billing capabilities and greatly improve data processing efficiency and real-time experience of users

Application scenario

BAF business model of 5G private network
  • Multi-dimensional product model
  • One-stop business processing
  • Network capability provisioning
  • Inquiry, billing and accounting
5G policy control
  • Collect real-time data
  • Match strategy with scenario
  • Execute strategic action
  • Send to end users

Customer success case

A new generation of 5G multi-dimensional integrated billing platform for a provincial operator

Driven by the new 5G network, vertical industries are empowered by new technologies to provide new business services and billing models for the scenarios such as different business requirements (rate, time-lag, connection scale, etc.), different device connections (sensors, robotic arms, home appliances, automobiles, etc.), and applications in different industries (industrial production, telemedicine, etc.). Based on group company specifications and 3GPP R15 specifications, AsiaInfo successfully helped the customer build 5G NSA/SA dual-mode and integrated offline and online billing processes, connect the business systems in B/O domains, and realize multi-dimensional integrated billing capabilities of 5G.

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