AISWare DigitalGemini

AISWare DigitalGemini provides a common technology platform for building digital twin technology bases for all walks of life in smart cities. Based on the core capabilities of customized development of twins and flexible business-based orchestration of twin scenarios, it helps companies realize lightweight and autonomous delivery. Through the closed-loop governance of urban reality and virtual data, combined with the AI-integrated insight into the urban operation situation, the smart operation of city can be realized.

Product superiority

Product value


Everything can be twinned by mix of virtual and actual reality

  • Complete the agent-based modeling of cities based on GIS data, satellite maps, oblique shooting of UAV, digital assets, lidar, DSLR oblique shooting data, BIM models and other data.
  • Generalized operations support multi-dimensional definitions for physical entities, such as attribute definition, interactive design, visualization, and AI.

Quickly build urban twin scenarios

  • Support drag-and-drop online orchestration of business scenarios, and flexibly define application scenarios.
  • Provide a rich component library and rule orchestration capabilities, and configure scenarios in low-code manner.

Build smart hubs through artificial intelligence

  • Provide AIOPS, face, fire, behavior recognition, trend analysis and other intelligent components as needed.
  • Support third-party AI services to access and register through standard interfaces.
  • Expand different segmented scenarios and accumulate algorithm models.

Realize precise mapping and manipulation by constructing high-precision scenarios

  • Dense network contacts, and huge amount of information collection and processing.
  • Introduce technologies including distributed interactive simulation and virtual reality simulation to realize precise control over the physical world in smart cities.

Application scenario

Smart exhibition hall
  • Operation center
  • Energy efficiency monitoring
  • Emergency security
  • Traffic analysis
Smart park
  • Holographic and visible
  • Green and energy-saving
  • Security monitoring
  • Emergency command
Smart building
  • Office perception
  • Energy consumption perception
  • Security perception
  • Parking awareness
Smart expressway
  • 4D simulation
  • Command and dispatch
  • Real time monitoring
  • Scene simulation
Smart construction site
  • Schedule management
  • Personnel management
  • Material estimates
  • Security monitoring

Customer success case

A digital twin smart exhibition area platform

A digital twin smart exhibition area has been created based on AISWare DigitalGemini for an exhibition hall. Through indoor and outdoor 3D space scene modeling and integrating perception data such as the Internet of Things, video capture, and real-time positioning, it helps the hall achieve efficient digital operations based on theme events and support crowd monitoring , fire prevention plan practice, emergency evacuation simulation, monitoring of abnormal energy consumption, customer preference identification, precision marketing and other business needs.

  • 85% Monitoring manpower saved
  • 100% Emergency treatment efficiency improved
A digital twin smart building platform

Based on AISWare DigitalGemini ,a smart building has been built for a park, integrating management, personnel, equipment management and other systems, achieving the interconnection and intercommunication among various sensor equipment, converging the operation status and data of each system in the building in a real time manner, and conducting centralized supervision, energy management, and operations management for the building, so as to realize linkage control and co-processing of different systems; it reduces energy consumption and operations costs, achieves refined management of the building, and improves customer experience through intelligent scenarios.

  • 30% Energy consumption saved
  • 50% Operations costs reduced
A digital twin event protection platform of a provincial operator's network

Based on AISWare DigitalGemini, the construction of application scenarios and related rules of the communication network for event protection has been realized, which achieves the geographic visualization of the communication network topology, satisfies the monitoring of the operation status of network physical entities, restores the detection of hidden dangers of optical access network aura, and realizes the diagnosis and simulation of network problems.

  • 0% Network failure rate after being launched

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