Market and Strategy

Conduct in-depth research on intelligence with the combination of industry database scanning and business due diligence to help customers to make decisions on investment and identify investment risks

Market Environment and Entry
Market Pattern and Competitive Strategy
IPO Industry Advisor
Feasibility Study on Fundraising
Business Due Diligence
Enterprise Overseas Consultation
Consulting Services

Provide customers with full-system services from strategy to business, market, technology, customers' experience, and data based on the current and future theories, practices, and innovative research.

Strategic Development
  • trategic planning for enterprise development
  • comprehensive planning for digital transformation
  • development on business/product/service
  • overall planning for leapfrog development
Business and Products
  • Business model and GTM strategy
  • tariff strategy and product pricing
  • design planning for product system
  • product management and sales synergy
Market and Marketing
  • Market environment analysis
  • marketing and management proposals
  • touching point management and channel construction
  • digital marketing system construction
Technology and Platform
  • Enterprise IT planning
  • design and capability operation of smart middle-office center
  • digital transformation and development
  • bring intelligence with data in business cloud services
Experience and Service
  • Customer experience strategy planning
  • customer history management and platform planning
  • customer service system planning
  • satisfaction and loyalty enhancement management
Data and Operation
  • Data-based governance system construction
  • design and implementation of data operation
  • data elements and big data application
  • data operation platform construction
Brand and Products
Brand Research
Track and evaluate the current status of the brand, and provide strategies for brand improvement
Marketing/Advertising Research
Focus on research on new media and marketing values
Research on Refined Operations
Draw user profiles, explore the mysteries of user behavior, and enhance user satisfaction and loyalty
Research on Product Innovation Strategy
Explore the true intentions of users and discover the secrets of a perfect experience
Automotive Research
Help enterprises precisely positioning their target audience and gain profound insights into the competitive landscape
Research on New Retail and E-commerce
Evaluate the differences in shopping channels and improve purchasing efficiency in various categories