Smart Sharing assists a provincial operator to build big data public service platform

Customer requirement

In order to achieve safe social administration, the public management department such as public security, meteorology, emergency, transportation, and tourism all want to use digital means to grasp the position and mobility of the personnel in their jurisdictions, and realize information transmission and interaction.

Construction plan

Based on the big data capabilities of the provincial operator, combined with the needs of the public management department, AsiaInfo Technologies cooperates with the operator through the “Smart Sharing” platform product to create Smart Sharing big data public service platform and provide digital operation services to the public management department. The main application scenarios include: 1)Intelligent and multi-dimensional population insight for the custom area, including real-time population distribution, source, inflow and outflow demographics, and length of stay in the jurisdiction; 2)Real-time analysis of the passenger flow in key transportation hubs and major tourist attractions during holidays, supporting custom early warning configuration; 3)Providing timely information transmission and interaction for the target population within the custom area to help the management department in sending the targeted information to the target population.

Application effect

  • Supporting public safety

    The public management department can easily analyze, summarize, and visualize massive resident data to effectively perform administrative management (such as floating population management) and exception monitoring, and reduce the cost of information collection.

  • Real-time multi-dimensional analysis

    The public management department can obtain the latest demographic data of more than 30 categories in the entire jurisdiction for every 10 minutes, and there is no need to conduct an annual household survey to obtain the demographic data in the jurisdiction.

  • Monetizing data value

    The operator has generated tens of millions of sales revenue through this platform, and the service has been recognized by users.