AISWare Smart Info WeChat Matrix Operation Management platform: Create A Great Blueprint For Operator With Two-level Coordination & Frontline Empowerment

Customer requirement

As an important “Internet+” Application, WeChat has become the biggest channel of Internet traffic and distribution. A provincial Operator has 35 branches and operates 30 WeChat subscription. Among them, 4 branches have their own server develop department, 10 branches use third-party operation platforms, and 16 branches have no WeChat subscription support capacity. These WeChat subscriptions do not have uniform name and image, could not provide the unified services.
In order to solve the WeChat subscriptions management problems, the provincial Operator introduce AISWare Smart Info products to guarantee the operation efficiency and effect of various WeChat subscription. The Smart Info operation and IT sport team from AsiaInfo build the WeChat Matrix Operation Management platform, and formed the "1 + N + X" matrix operation mode (hereinafter referred to as WeChat E-Matrix) of all departments of the provincial company and local branches to integrate resources and sport the unified operation of various WeChat subscription.

Construction plan

AsiaInfo build the WeChat operation management platform with AISWare Smart Info products. The platform be designed as a three-tier system architecture of "front-layer,middle-layer,back-end" to support the business processing, query services and the card and voucher system, WeChat applet and various marketing campaign based on WeChat of the operators in the province. With the continuous development and evolution, at present, the WeChat matrix operation and management platform has connected 11 platforms to realize the unified management, operation and message push of WeChat subscriptions in the province. The WeChat subscriptions of provincial companies and branches are equivalent to "front-layer", presenting page tables to users, and their data and content can be configured and extracted in the matrix background. As the "middle-layer",AISWare Smart info WeChat matrix operation and management platform has strong capacity to enable the basic services, business acceptance, campaign activities, operation management, WeChat applet management, etc., and supports the access and management of multiple WeChat subscriptions. Operators could operate in the background to effectively support WeChat operation of provincial companies and branches. The external business interfaces such as intelligent response, business open platform, UIP, Firefly Cube, threshold reminder, Iqiyi interface, online customer service, mobile business hall single sign-on, intelligent marketing and WeChat services are displayed through the WeChat hall. The operators can manage configure these interfaces in the back-end and extract historical data.

1)Build the operation and management platform of WeChat E matrix to support the basic function of WeChat subscriptions of each branch, and provide common operation functions such as menu sharing, image and text sharing, template message push, keyword automatic reply configuration, etc.

2)Formed the "1 + N + X" matrix operation mode. the provincial operator's WeChat subscriptions and N branch's WeChat subscriptions could form a joint force, and also could develop independently, and finally realize the unification of management, planning, support, payment and operation.

3)Build an overall business capability in three dimensions: capability sharing pool, basic function set and campaign template library, and finally enable sales。

Application effect

In November 2018, Smart Info WeChat matrix operation management platform was successfully launched. With sharing capacity, collaborative development and matrix operation, the platform highly improved the WeChat channel publicity value, maintaining the stock effectively, saved advertising costs and increased business revenue.

  • Reduce the development cost

    With accessing the Smart Info WeChat matrix operation and management platform, the operators support all their WeChat channel of the branch company uniformly through the platform, and save about 50% of the operation cost each year.

  • Enhance the publicity value

    the total number of WeChat E-Matrix subscribers reached millions. 90.6% subscribers come from provincial companies’ WeChat subscription. After accessing the WeChat E-Matrix, the annual touched users number increased by 146%, the reading rate of group pushed content increased by 4.53pp, and the click rate of message template increased by 2.5pp. The total saves of the company's advertising cost are about 1 / 4.

  • Increase business revenue

    in February 2019, the business processing volume of the provincial WeChat business hall has increased by 470.6% compared with that before the Smart Info platform launched.