Smart Connection builds Internet of Vehicles (IoV) terminal equipment management platform for an operator's specialized company

Customer requirement

An operator's IoV specialized company wants to build an IoV terminal equipment management platform that provides a variety of services to IoV aftermarket customers. The platform needs to have unified core basic capabilities such as terminal connection management, data collection and processing, user management, operation management and API opening, to provide the support for the expansion of aftermarket personal and industrial applications.

Construction plan

AsiaInfo Technologies uses the "Smart Connection" platform product to build a IoV platform for the specialized company which integrates aftermarket IoV terminal management, data aggregation, enabling the industry, and backward operation. The core functions include: Terminal management: It supports unified management and adaptation of communication gateways, access protocols, and access security for its own and the third parties' smart terminal devices; Connection management: It supports the interconnection of the operator' IoT cards to achieve the cards' full life cycle management; Big data and open service: It has big data collection, analytics, storage, and analysis capabilities, and forms open service capability; Application enabling: It provides application services to personal and industry customers through a variety of ways including WEB, App, and WeChat.

Application effect

  • Wide access

    The platform has unified access and authentication capabilities for millions of on-vehicle intelligent terminal devices, and realized the connection and application of multiple types of device terminals such as OBD, ETC, T-BOX, the driving recorder, and the intelligent rearview mirror.

  • Strong compatibility

    It is compatible with different protocols such as JT808, MQTT.

  • Significant result

    It provides rich on-vehicle digital services for individual customers and industry customers in IoV aftermarket, and has initially achieved 300,000+ user equipment connections through operations, with peak users exceeding 160,000.