AISWare Smart Operation Big Data Marketing Toolkit Helps front-line operator to improve operation efficiency

Customer requirement

The big data capabilities are widely used in the operators' middle and high-level policy decisions. On the contrary, It is difficult for front-line staff to get effective big data support. The big data capability support is inverted triangle, and all the data are spread in different platform and systems, with complicated permission settings and high technical threshold, which is difficult to use by front-line staff . Mostly Data capabilities could provide “air firepower” for online centralized operation, while offline operation is difficult to obtain effective support. Consider online marketing as air attack and offline marketing as ground attack, only “associate with the distant target and attack the near ones" can achieve "invincible". The off-line operation still bears more than 60% of the annual market KPI of a provincial operator (most companies are similar). Under the general trend of big data and integrating marketing, AsiaInfo operation team and system development team combine with the IT support department and marketing department of the provincial operator, to focus on the key operation direction, aggregate and offer big data capabilities. AsiaInfo team create Series of big data marketing tools for the front-line operators to open-up big data capabilities. With the assistance of training and promotion, the front-line operators could apply those big data marketing tools, such as depth analysis, data mining and aggregation, online and offline collaboration, to daily practices and improve operation Efficiency.

Construction plan

Based on the business operation direction of the provincial operators, the AsiaInfo team complete the big data capability deliver path to front-line staff in five steps. Step 1: Clarify operation priorities and front-line data support requirements, and sort out core operation scenarios; Step 2: Inventory the existing big data capabilities related to the core operation scenarios in each system, and optimize the capabilities according to the duration and effect of capability support; Step 3: According to the demand of business operation scenarios, deviled data, model building, etc.; Step 4: Focus on the business operation direction, encapsulating and aggregated big data capabilities, designing and developing the interface of application tools, opening up the system data, transferring the big data capability into the application; Step 5: AsiaInfo operation team provide training and promotion service of the marketing tools. With tracking the effect and demand feedback, AsiaInfo operation team will keep constantly iterating and innovating those tools, and realizing the closed-loop management.

Application effect

  • CRM marketing tool

    With big data analyst ability from the customer service system, CRM marketing tool could show the six product information that the customer may be interested in and related market script, which will pop up automatically after opening the customer service interface. After completing the customer service, the salesperson could take initiative sales according to the prompt information, and increase the success rate and customer satisfaction.
    After the tool launched, till December 23, 2018, had contacted tens of millions of customers, with a marketing success rate of 7.5% (excluding the mutually exclusive products).

  • Lapsed customers Win back tool

    Lapsed customers Win back tool could obtain the lapsed customers information with one click, accurately identify the different network customer characteristics (portraits), allocate the customer information based on the marketing grid. Therefor the front-line personnel closest to the customers could directly outbound call to win back the customer. The buried point will obtain the win back process data, which could be used to optimize the big data ability and realize the marketing tool iteration.
    Till January 1, 2019, 2644 job numbers have used Lapsed customers win back tools to develop customers win back progress with thousands customers with success rate of 4.52%.

  • Campus marketing tool

    Campus marketing tools provide the front-line staff with the information of freshmen, other students in the current semester and students from other province. After configuring with the marketing SMS templates of various campus products (reserved SMS parameter settings), the front-line staff screen the target customer groups, configure the SMS parameters, and then carry out the marketing with one click to reach the customers.
    After the campus marketing tools launched, more than 120 marketing activities have been allocated, covered 75% of campus users, with a success rate of 7.7% which much more higher than normal.

  • Stall marketing tool

    The stall marketing tool provides the information of the customer group in target community and the stall marketing SMS template (reserved SMS parameter settings). The front-line personnel selects the stall location, locks the stall target marketing customer, and sends the pre heating SMS of stall campaign on Thursday or the day before the holiday, pushes the marketing information in advance, and improves the efficiency of stall marketing.
    From July to December 2018, nearly 100000 stall campaign activities were carried out, reaching more than 100 million customers in one preheating and more than 80 million customers in second preheating.

  • Mobile box marketing tool

    The marketing tools of mobile box proved users' behaviors under different life cycles. According to the life cycle and behaviors of customers, as well as user content preferences (viewing and searching records), supplemented with the Internet trends crawling and matching with mobile box content library, the operator could edit mobile box content operation SMS, reach customers with one click. And also the operator could gather marketing feedback with the tools.
    During the operation support period from June to November 2018, the number of users increased to millions, and the revenue exceeded RMB 10 million.

  • Assembly marketing tool

    The assembly marketing tool can be used in large-scale games, concerts, exhibitions, folk activities and other gatherings. The marketing tool could identify the time of customer participation and stay through regional positioning, and monitor the crowd flow in the assembly area during the activities, before and after 2 hours. The background automatically precipitates preference labels according to the monitoring data, such as music, exhibitions, folk customs, football, basketball Preference.
    After the launch of assembly marketing tools, 51 kinds of assembly marketing have been proceed, millions of customers Have been reached with a success rate of nearly 8%, 7 categories of content preference labels have been Settling.