AISWare BigData

AISWare BigData is a product of big data analysis and mining for heterogeneous mass data from multi-source, by leveraging cutting edge data management and analysis technology. It provides deeper insight, powerful decision support and optimized process for enterprise, which is widely used in data center from data processing, data governance, data analysis to data mining to realize the data value.

Functional architecture

Core Competence

  • BigData Foundation Suite

    This is an integrated big data production and operation platform based on open source ecosystem, plus telecom level management capability.

  • BigData Foundry Suite

    It builds mature data governance capabilities into data integration, cleaning, management, security, maintenance and operation from end to end, and realizes greater value by data assets operation through standardized and visualized service.

  • BigData Business Suite

    By providing product capability based on big data application, we can provide business insight, marketing management and other big data application services for government and enterprise clients in multiple industries, so as to help enterprises improve their operation capability and efficiency.

Market & Customer

AISWare BigData is widely used in telecommunications, radio and television, government and public services, finance, transportation and other industries. It has won many industry honors, such as the Excellent Software Product of 2018 issued by China Software Industry Association, and the TOP 10 Best Big Data Product of Galaxy Award from CAICT. As the key product integration solution, AISWare BigData supported the Centralized BigData Platform of CMCC to win the Excellent Catalyst Project Award in TM Forum Summit 2019, Nice, France.

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