AISWare DataInfrastructure

AISWare DataInfrastructure builds an integrated big data platform, providing integrated solutions for data storage, processing, analysis, control, operation and maintenance. We provide high quality product as well as professional services and technical support, to help customers building an efficient and secure big data platform at an enterprise level.

Functional architecture

Core Competence

  • Low Cost

    Heterogeneous storage support HDFS provides multi-type storage methods such as HDFS, Hive, Hbase, etc. HDFS uses erasure code technology to save the number of data backups and greatly saves storage space.

  • High Efficiency

    Heterogeneous computing in fusion A variety of real-time processing, batch processing and unified batch and streaming technologies, and the extension of edge computing to achieve cloud edge collaboration, greatly improve the computing

  • Large Scale

    Heterogeneous multi-cluster Realize the unified resource scheduling of cross-domain, multi-cluster and edge cloud collaboration, greatly expand the number of cluster nodes, and realize large-scale cluster management.

  • Transparency

    Standard interfaces of services The hardware resource such as computing and storage, and software toolkit are provided to customers in the form of standard services, which can be easily provisioned and used out of the box based on the demand.

  • Development

    Embedded development toolkit The scenarios based real-time processing tools, interactive data searching tools and graph analysis tools are embedded in the platform to provide customers with convenient development of query

  • Intelligence

    Intelligent operation and maintenance The deep insight and intelligent planning of resources, performance and security ensure the rational deployment and continuous optimization of big data cluster, so as to achieve the purpose of making full use of resources.

Market & Customer

Widely used in telecommunications, power, postal, government, energy and other industries, AISWare DataInfrastructure supported “Phoenix Tree:Centralized Big Data PaaS Platform“ solution for China Mobile to win the catalyst award the “Outstanding Use of TM Forum Asset“ in 2019.