AISWare BigData DataOS

AISWare DataOS is a product suite that capable of building data middle ground platform at enterprise level, with the key features on various data fusion, intelligent data operation and open data services for production. It deepen the cross-domain data integration to refine them as data asset, with both vertical and horizontal decoupling. At the same time it integrates various ability of data processing, management, security, operation to realize the precise data service that satisfying the requirement of open data and intelligence operations.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • End to end integrated development

    Combined with the ability of forward data governance to standardize and streamline the data operation process, the closed loop development processes covers all kinds of scenarios through the integration of functional components and programmable data development.

  • Flexible universal service

    Embedded common business-oriented data model that can be reused by business unit, the product suite will release the capability of data, model and toolkit for specific scenarios through Data API, Open IDE, and Open DSL.

  • Standardized model management

    The whole data asset management framework is constructed and formed based on years of industry experience. The normative development process from model design to model implementation is completed with the design concept of "what you see is what you get", so as to realize the measurable process.

  • Diversify data service

    Based on the CWM standard metadata management architecture, the data directory of entire enterprise is constructed based on the data knowledge graph relationship. As a result, a hierarchical and customized data dictionary will be generated in multi-organization environment.

  • Data management evaluation

    Combined with the actual situation of domestic data development, the data asset performance evaluation system is constructed by means of product support and methodology to guide the implementation of data lifecycle management strategy.

  • Intelligence data governance

    Apply machine learning to data governance and other aspects, and enhance data processing from rule-based operations to automatic operations to support the improvement of data quality and security in terms of strategy and processing.


AISWare DataOS is widely used in telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy and other industries. In 2019, it won the TOP 10 best big data product of Galaxy Award from Standardization Association of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, as well as the Independent Innovation Product Award issued by China Association of Electronic Information Industry. It is recognized as the industrialization demonstration of national torch project issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015.