DataOS improves data governance capability significantly

Customer Requirement

After more than 10 years of construction, the BI system of a provincial Telco operator has over 100,000 data sheets and nearly 2,000 applications. At the same time, there is cooperative development among multiple manufacturers, but the data quality management mainly relies on management system and post-audit. Currently, many systems have been difficult to maintain, and it is impossible to know where the enterprise data actually is due to the serious confusion and inconsistency of the data. This results in the difficulty and inaccuracy of data analysis and presentation since nobody knows what the important data are and what the garbage data are. The data quality problem is hard to be timely located and solved, hence the data governance needs to be adopted.

Construction plan

AISware DataOS helps the customer to build the whole life cycle management capability of data assets, from data collection, processing, computing, optimization, security, operation, evaluation to final cancellation. It provides continuous and measurable value for business from all dimensions to promote the digital transformation for business model.

Application effect

The solution integrates data collection, processing, governance, security, operation and maintenance and other capabilities together, helps different roles in the enterprise to realize the standard of data process and technical components for data development, and the effective management of data assets.

  • Data Management system

    build a standardized, procedural, automatic and integrated data management system through the integration of data, application and system, that ensures the data structure is reasonable, clear, the process is controllable, and the knowledge is accumulated and inherited.

  • Standard data architecture

    focusing on data element attributes, the data standard system framework is built on the basis of data element attribute classification from business, technology and management.

  • Data Security system

    build a platform level data security management and control system to manage the security policies scattered in each system in a unified way, and realize the integrated management and control of the whole data process and life cycle driven by its metadata.