AISWare DataDiscovery

AISWare DataDiscovery aims to build agile big data exploration, visual analysis and presentation abilities, in order to provide a comprehensive data discovery platform. It implements the function of data source configuration, data extraction, data processing and analysis, data exploration, visual display, provides self-service, visualization, real-time, collaborative data exploration and analysis ability for the business analyst. It is easy to use and make it possible for anyone to become a scientific data analyst.

Function Architecture

Product Strengths

  • Democracy

    It can not only support business analysts to complete daily data analysis, but also support front-line business personnel to complete daily reports and data collection, as well as support development engineers to carry out secondary development and customization.

  • Self-service

    A scenario based wizard, common language for data representation and a drag-and-drop interface provide end user a easy-to-use user experience and lower the bar for self service.

  • Professional

    It provides a variety of statistical analysis from the shallow to the deep, supporting not only the statistical summary of detailed data, but also the analysis of data classification (e.g., price classification) and scientific calculation analysis (e.g., probability distribution).

  • Practical

    It provides the analysis report in the form of slide, creates the quarterly and annual report in online PPT, realizing multi-platform data presentation, and making it accessible everywhere (e.g. : web, mobile, mail, etc.)


AISWare DataDiscovery provides data exploration and analysis capabilities to telecom operators, large, medium and small organizations or enterprises. It has covered the market of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, radio and television industry. The product has obtained many national patent applications, such as "a method and device for data statistics", "a self service data selection based on the list data of telecom users", etc.