AISWare Knowledge Graph

AISWare KG is a one-stop shop of knowledge management, computing and map construction platform for enterprise, providing assembly line type of the knowledge creation process, scientific map data management system, with high performance machine learning and data mining algorithm engine, and plenty of map rendering and visual show scheme, to help users to build and manage the knowledge map quickly from 0 to 1.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Graph Inference Engine

    Rich encapsulation and integration of algorithm.

  • Graph service opening

    Open graph ecology, promote application production.

  • Data storage and knowledge building

    Efficient and stable knowledge construction system.

  • Knowledge graph technology benefits all

    Pipeline is build by graphs that are easy to use , which can reduce the threshold of knowledge graph development.

  • Promote intelligent upgrading of the industry

    Build industry knowledge graph, note intellectual cognition ability, promote industry production efficiency.

  • Help to realize the value of big data

    The process of data processing is sematicized and mapped to enhance the mining of data value in the industry.


AISWare KG can be widely used in telecommunications, finance, medicine, risk control and other industries, supporting knowledge graph construction of multi-source heterogeneous data, storage and calculation of hundred-billion-dollar node relationships, graph data mining algorithms including rule matching, machine learning, graph embedding and so on, which has rich visualization schemes of graph data rendering and presentation.