AISWare AIF (AsiaInfo Infrastructure Foundations) is AsiaInfo's distributed, componentized, and cloud-based PaaS platform. With the construction concept of "large platform, small architecture, and light application", it aims to help customers build a large-scale business system with minimum cost and fastest speed. It provides cloud-native capabilities such as microservice management and control, DevOps, continuous delivery, and container resource management to facilitate agile construction, governance, deployment, and flexible scheduling of network resources for services in 5G ecology. It helps the construction, operation and maintenance of microservices for vertical business applications, and the integration of cloud computing, edge computing, big data, AI and other technologies.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Univeral in all domains

    provide a unified PaaS platform, and support BSS, OSS, IOT, AI, Big Data, NFV full-service construction.

  • Uniform standards

    provide unified standard technical components, which can be obtained on demand and flexibly assembled for different business scenarios.

  • Multi-cloud collaboration

    visual management covering private cloud, public cloud and edge cloud, in-depth monitoring, hybrid scheduling, automated deployment, and security disaster recovery.

  • Flexible expansion

    flexibly compatible with a variety of microservice architectures and container orchestration technologies, provides a standard capability encapsulation layer, shields the differences in underlying technologies, and facilitates system expansion and migration.

  • One-stop DevOps system

    the technology middleware service is pre-integrated into PaaS, which is convenient for integrated management, operation and maintenance.

  • 360° operation and monitoring

    Log4x serves as the eye of the system; the monitoring platform ISee serves as the hand; the analysis of the AI deep learning algorithm serves as the brain; the monitoring large screen serves as the face, completing the comprehensive system operation and maintenance management of the PaaS platform.

  • Governance of hybrid microservice application platform

    support non-transformation access of different vendors and different microservice frameworks, reduce the cost of business transformation, and improve business online efficiency.

  • Ultra-automated

    RPA, intelligent testing tools, AIOps intelligent analysis and prediction are combined to form a closed loop of software development, testing, operation and maintenance, and optimization.


AIF has mature products and flexible and open integration capabilities, and has a large number of successful implementation cases. Since its launch, it has served the construction of basic technology platforms for many large and medium-sized customers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Post, China CITIC Bank, and Industrial Bank. The online effect has been highly recognized by users, and has won honors such as Beijing's new technology and new products, 2017 excellent solutions in the communications field, and 2018 innovative products. Based on the exploration and practice of product development of AsiaInfo's global PaaS platform, the book "Practice and Operation of Microservice Architecture for Large Enterprises-Let the Elephant Dancing" was published to deeply explore the practice of microservices and Internet architecture under the technological transformation of large enterprises. This book has reference significance for the evolution of large enterprise architecture.

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