AISWare AIMap Spatiotemporal Information Platform

AISWare AIMap provides a secure, inclusive, lightweight, easy-to-use cloud native enterprise GIS platform for smart cities and industrial Internet. It can help to build the unified space in spatial scenarios such as city planning & construction, city services, business development, customer operations, investment decisions, asset management, mobile travel, etc. Our product integrated advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and real-time spatial analysis, which excels in multi-style visualization and high-performance rendering of geographic big data. AISWare AIMap also includes a smart address search and matching engine, as well as capabilities of recognition and extraction of geographic feature image data, which meet customers' various GIS capability requirements.

Functional architecture

Product advantages

  • Full-spatial data management:

    AISWare AIMap support smooth conversion between BIM data and 3D GIS data, and large-scale, high-precision, city-level heterogeneous data management and presentation, therefore to fuel the integration and joint analysis of multi-source data such as vector data, image data, terrain data, underground pipelines, indoor venues models and so on.

  • Scene Visualization

    by building large-scale city-level complex 2D and 3D scene rendering capabilities, AISWare AIMap can perform spatial data management and a full-scale visualization from underground to surface, from outdoor to indoor and from simulation to real scene, therefore assisting customers in agile development of applications of accurate network resource planning, evaluation, and optimization.

  • Smart Spatial Object Recognition

    leveraging deep learning technology to focus on GIS graphics analysis algorithms, AISWare AIMap provides a data graphics processing capabilities from various data sources, which automatically extracts vector information from image data or building floor plans, hence greatly reducing the costs from traditional manual modelling procedure.

  • Micro-service architecture

    AISWare AIMap is based on micro-service architecture and cloud computing technology. It is deployed in docker pods ,which ensures elastic scaling of GIS services.

  • Self-service Capabilities

    AISWare AIMap provides self-service GIS portal on cloud to meet customer’s personalized requirements such as spatial data hosting, custom map services, data visualization, and spatial data analysis.


AISWare AIMap products have been used in more than 100 production systems that distributed in more than 20 business units of the three major Telco operators in China. Our developer team also participated in the compilation of GIS related enterprise-level standards and data specifications to adapt to the application of GIS technology in various industries.