AISWare Digital Gemini-5G Urban Digital Twin Platform

AISWare Digital Gemini provides a common technology platform for building digital twin technology bases for all walks of life in smart cities. Through the core capabilities of customized development of twins and flexible business-based orchestration of twin scenarios, it helps enterprises achieve lightweight and autonomous delivery. Urban smart operation can be realized through the closed-loop governance of urban reality and virtual data, and in combination with AI insight into the urban operation situation.

Functional architecture

Product advantages

  • Refined depiction

    Provide all-around capabilities for CIM data integration, service, and production, integrate multi-source information, and create urban models in a refined manner.

  • Comprehensive perception

    Have the ability to adapt to Internet of Things and big data platforms, access to a large number of terminals, and gather a massive amount of information.

  • Low level code development

    Support component-based online orchestration of business scenarios, and flexibly define application scenarios and configuration scenarios for zero-coding and low level code.

  • Digital operation

    Accumulate data assets and production knowledge graphs, and create operational value of characteristic contents.

  • Intelligence integration by AI

    Deeply integrate edge AI capabilities, with insight into operating situation and smart deduction and simulation.

  • Lightweight delivery

    Create a full-scenario lightweight service delivery platform to reduce construction costs.


AISWare Digital Gemini can be widely applied in smart cities, digital government, smart parks, smart construction sites, smart scenic spots, smart police affairs and other fields. The product supports rapid deployment and building and access adaptation, and the autonomous GIS engine supports multiple GIS, BIM data formats, which can meet the efficient delivery of business based on the solid middle-ground.