AISWare 5G Network Intelligence Product Portfolio

AISWare 5G Network Intelligence provides the intelligent network O&M and business operation & support capabilities required by telecom operators’ 5G networks (compatible with 4G and other networks). It aims to help telecom operators respond to the challenges such as rapid service launch, network planning and optimization, stable network operation, customer perception and experience management under the trend of SDN and NFV. The product makes full use of AsiaInfo Technologies' matured artificial intelligence / machine learning platform and BSS / OSS collaboration capabilities, helping telecom operators to greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, reduce the costs of operation and maintenance, and improve customer satisfaction.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Global Virtualization

    Through the unified virtualization platform and micro-service platform, the global virtualization and servitization of BSS (Business Support System), OSS (Operation Support System) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) are realized to help telecom operators reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Global Intelligence

    Through the unified communication AI platform, the intensive AI empowerment and intelligent output of each business system in all domains are realized. Based on AI and machine learning engines, it implements intelligent network planning and optimization, intelligent strategy OSS, and network self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-healing.

  • Global Perceptibility

    The customer experience management system guides network planning & optimization and operation, through the convergence of business domain and network domain, improves the end user and industry user's perception of network experience and business experience, and realizes network personalization.


AsiaInfo Technologies has established joint innovation laboratories with three major telecom operators and several provincial subsidiaries to jointly complete the R&D and application of intelligent network O&M related topics under the guidance of "5G + AI". AsiaInfo Technologies, as an independent software vendor, provides customers with the value of 1 + 1> 2 from global domains. AISWare CEM Customer Experience Management Platform, one of 5G Network Intelligent Product Portfolio, won the "5G innovation Pioneer Award 2019" issued by People's Post and Telecommunications News.

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