A set of network intelligence analysis products serving the network domain of operators AISWare ReTiNA has a global communication data platform for the network domain and business domain, and makes use of its communication AI and machine learning algorithm engine to provide operators with a set of platforms for end-to-end planning, building, optimization and maintenance for network domain, so as to help operators improve network performance, service quality, and user perception, and realize automation and intelligence in network lifecycle management

Product superiority

Product value


Data and intelligence driving algorithm

  • A network planning performance optimization system driven by wireless AI and big data algorithms, which empowers closed-loop automation system of business process, and ultimately achieves network autonomy


  • Network analysis from message to human perception, realizing the transformation from “network performance-driven” to “user experience-oriented”

Geographic grid solution

  • Close to the real user experience quality, the ultimate goal of network optimization is to achieve the transition from “network performance-driven” to “user experience-oriented” in the new P2P solution through network performance health and geographic grid solutions.

Reducing customer investment

  • Through intelligence and automation (planning, construction, optimization, maintenance process), and the introduction of network autonomy capabilities based on new technologies such as AI and machine learning, the network energy saving, beamforming analysis, license scheduling and other functions can be automatically and intelligently realized to reduce CPEX and OPEX.

Application scenario

Network planning
  • Capacity planning, coverage planning, indoor distribution system planning, 2B planning, edge computing planning
General network optimization
  • End-to-end perception optimization, multi-frequency and multi-mode load optimization, interference optimization, poor quality cell optimization
Hot issue optimization
  • 4/5G collaborative optimization, intelligent optimization of 5G energy consumption, multi-antenna optimization, 2B business optimization

Customer success case

An operator

An operator’s intelligent network operations uses AI abnormity diagnosis model to complete the dynamic intelligent diagnosis of network abnormity, shortening the abnormity diagnosis time from 12h to 30m

An operator

An operator uses big data and GIS technologies to complete the intelligent management of 5G resources through 5G NR network resource, performance and alarm management.

An operator

In order to carry out intelligent energy saving based on energy efficiency, an operator uses the SSP model to build the value evaluation of network cell, and takes the value evaluation results to perform the intelligent energy saving of wireless network.

  • 16.7% The proportion of energy-saving cells reaches

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