AISWare ReTiNA is an intelligent analysis platform for operator network domains, based on communication artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm engines. It provides operators with intelligent and automated support for the entire lifecycle of wireless network planning, construction, optimization, and maintenance. It helps operators improve network quality and user perception, build autonomous networks, and facilitate digital transformation.

Product superiority

Product value


Implement cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

  • Integrate OB domain data, build AI value models, and drive network planning and optimization through value.

Improve network quality.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms quantify user experience, with perception-oriented quality optimization.

Facilitate digital and intelligent transformation.

  • AI+ professional models in the telecommunications industry to create a digital and intelligent high-quality mobile network.

Create digital employees.

  • AN Copilot, based on large model technology, realizes a digital expert for wireless networks.

Application scenario

Wireless Network Planning
  • Wireless Network Planning and Site Selection
  • Base Station Value Revenue Forecast
  • Wireless Planning Process Management
Wireless Network Optimization
  • Self-Intelligent Network Level Enhancement
  • Quality and Perception Optimization
  • Wireless Issue Root Cause Localization
Wireless Network Maintenance
  • Operations and Maintenance Knowledge Q&A
  • Work Order Process Management
  • Key Scenario Monitoring

Customer success case

An operator's network optimization self-intelligence platform.

An operator's provincial company network optimization self-intelligence platform collects and processes data uniformly to build a wireless data warehouse. It uses AI+ and large model technologies to intelligently identify, locate root causes, produce solutions, and evaluate the effects of wireless network problems. By adopting a "Q&A" mode, it supports frontline complaint handling, fault operation and maintenance, network optimization, and other tasks, thereby improving work efficiency.

  • 20% Problem-solving efficiency increased
  • 30min Average reduction in ticket processing time
An operator's digital operation platform

An operator's group-level digital operation platform, with GIS as its foundation and work order management as the approach, builds professional capabilities such as health assessment, low perception analysis, accurate planning, scenario insight, complaint warning, network excavation, and mobile-fixed mutual promotion. It provides intelligent service capabilities for the group and provincial companies to enhance network quality and user perception.

  • 97.39% Problem closure rate
  • 3000+ Average daily processed ticket
An operator's intelligent energy-saving system.

An operator's group-level smart energy-saving system, based on an AI energy efficiency assessment model, comprehensively considers network performance, user perception, weather changes, holiday characteristics, and other information to intelligently generate energy-saving plans. It automatically executes sleep or wake-up commands through the instruction module, achieving full process automation and closed-loop of base station energy saving.

  • 71.62% Energy-saving base station ratio
  • 30,000 kWh Average daily electricity saving per ten thousand base stations.

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