Based on the customer’s ECS, it realizes the operations and operating goals such as rapid positioning of network problems, customer retention, and improvement of customer satisfaction.

Product superiority

Product value


From shaft to overall collaboration

  • Helping operators complete data association, acquisition, screening, storage, and analysis of events that occur behind the data. Accurately locating the cause and fault point of the network problem described in the complaint work order;

Scenario-based active service

  • Scenario-based active service: When a user walks into the service hall or accesses the customer service phone, the salesperson is able to know the recent network/service experience of the user in advance

Reducing customer service costs

  • Providing more fine-grained user self-service, user interaction and self-service resolution of network/business faults. API capabilities provided to customer service and omni-electronic channels (personalized network experience, customer journey on the network, user service performance evaluation).

QoS health examination

  • Timely discovering and informing customers of possible impacts on network/service use due to terminal conditions, and providing solutions (such as terminal operating system upgrades, etc.)

Application scenario

Panoramic view of customer experience
  • Intelligent analysis of users suffering from poor service quality
  • Customer journey portrait
  • Root cause location of the complaint problem
  • Business scenario recommendation

Customer success case

An operator in a province

AISWare CEM provides an analysis channel for customer experience analysis and optimization in our province. CEM establishes a global evaluation system and a digital platform for customer experience management on the basis of telecommunication psychology, and continues to energize the first-line production. Through active service and care, it improves the quality of products and services of the operator, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

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