As a set of platforms and tools that connect network domain virtualization and business domain virtualization, it realizes the automation and intelligence of network operations and business operation from the perspective of network neutrality and service neutrality. It is the enabler of basic platform and network & business in future’s 5G network.

Product superiority

Product value


Agile network and network neutrality

  • Virtualized/software-based network element is more agile in response to business, which boosts the implementation of more scenario-based use cases in 5G networks.
  • Network neutrality reduces the dependence on vendors, and avoids the high price due to the software bundled with professional hardware

Supporting new industry applications

  • For example, airport mobile edge cloud (equipped with intelligent face recognition, monitoring and early warning, etc.), smart port edge cloud (equipped with port automation applications, remote control, etc.).

Supporting new public applications

  • Providing high-end user group network slicing and personalized network slicing, equipped with HD real-time interactive applications of VR and AR.

Reducing customer investment

  • Reducing CAPEX, and reducing the network element replacement cost of vendors by three layers of decoupling.
  • Reducing opex, and improving efficiency through automated and intelligent operations.

Application scenario

Automatic provisioning of network slicing
  • Automatic order parsing
  • Automatic invocation and orchestration of interface deployment
  • Self-configuration of data
Automatic loop closure of business faults
  • Self-analysis of indicators to discover faults
  • Searching in model library to match strategies
  • Self-processing of faults to realize closed loop

Customer success case

An operator

AsiaInfo provided the virtualization capability of a large-area converged SMS gateway project of an operator, completed the deployment of vSAGW and VNFM, and provided the operator with the business functions including virtualized Internet SMS processing

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