AISWare NFV is a suite of tools that supports end-to-end management of virtualized network functions (NFV). It achieves automation and intelligence in network operations and business management from a neutral network and business perspective. AISWare NFV provides a comprehensive network function virtualization solution for 5G networks, covering from the virtual layer to the network element layer.

Product superiority

Product value


Agile networking and network neutrality

  • Network element virtualization/softwareization enables more agile business responses.
  • Network neutrality reduces vendor dependencies and avoids the high cost of software bundled with proprietary hardware.

Full lifecycle management

  • From equipment to networking, comprehensive management integration.
  • Refined management throughout the entire process.

Enable cloud-network integration

  • Unified perception and operation & maintenance of cloud and network.
  • Cloud-network integration arrangement, simplifying the process of business provisioning.

Reducing network risks

  • Twin networks can complete high-risk verification operations instead of the actual network.
  • Reducing the risk of unreliable operations on the physical network.

Reducing customer investment

  • Reducing the cost of replacing vendor network elements through three-layer decoupling
  • Enhancing efficiency through automation and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Supporting edge industry applications

  • Such as airport mobile edge cloud (featuring facial recognition, surveillance alerts, etc.).
  • Such as smart port edge cloud (incorporating port automation applications, remote control, etc.).

Supporting new public applications

  • Providing network slicing for high-end user groups.
  • Offering personalized network slicing, featuring high-definition real-time interactive applications like VR and AR.

Application scenario

Network simulation and deduction
  • Network fault deduction
  • Network operation drills
  • Early exposure of risks
  • Optimization solution output
Intelligent network O&M
  • Unified monitoring of physical and virtual resources
  • Visualized panoramic O&M
  • Intelligent localization of resource faults

Customer success case

An operator

The intelligent operation and maintenance platform provided for a provincial operator have significantly saved manpower costs in the operation and maintenance of government cloud services. It surpasses manual operation and maintenance in terms of timeliness, accuracy, and visualization, providing customers with a superior experience.

  • 30% Reduce operations and maintenance costs by
A design institute

Provide a digital twin platform for a communication design institute, achieve rapid construction of digital twin networks, data perception, and simulation deduction, support the full lifecycle analysis, diagnosis, simulation, and control of networks.

  • 70% Reduction of environmental setup workload by

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