AISWare Smart Community

AISWare Smart Community is a new model of community management innovation under the new economic situation. It uses cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT and other advanced technologies to build an integrated smart community management platform covering a number of scenarios such as community security, community property, community governance, and community energy conservation and environmental protection focusing on the aspirations of the people to live a better life, so as help customers establish a community in new management form that integrates humanism, digitization, and ecology.

Product superiority

Product value


Neighborhood/public security

  • It aligns with public security population information to provide community population security data, and improve the management and control capabilities of public security areas; collects massive data in the community to promote the construction of smart cities; accurately analyzes and explores user behaviors to improve social production efficiency.


  • It reduces labor costs of property management and improves work efficiency of employees; helps the property management establish “we media” channels in the community to facilitate communication between the property management and owners; improves the public safety management level of vehicles, houses, and personnel in the community.


  • Life is more convenient: Payment of property management fees and parking fees, viewing water and electricity information, etc. can be completed online, which achieves one-click processing and viewing of cost information without going to offline property office; living condition is safer: community access is conducted based on biological recognition, with face database information under management, strict visitor access mechanism and camera monitoring management; demand appealing is more direct: the fast problem consultation and incident reporting functions, and the whole-course tracing of work order processing makes problem feedback more real-time, transparent and efficient.

Application scenario

Smart security
  • Integrating smart access control, smart parking, visitor management, smart monitoring, and fire-fighting equipment and facility monitoring capabilities to assist public security maintaining and hidden danger management of community, and maintain community safety.
Smart property
  • Services such as information management of people, vehicles, shops, and devices, electronic patrols, affairs or repairs reporting, notification and announcements, and payment enhance the level of intelligent management of property and improve management efficiency.
Smart governance
  • Providing services such as smart party building, special population management, online assistance, and correction assistance to create a green community, optimize public services, and create a high-quality residents experience.
Smart energy conservation
  • Smart meter reading realizes remote meter reading applications by renovating the existing water and electricity meters in the community or adding remote meter reading devices, which counts up energy consumption within the community and reduces labor costs.

Customer success case

AISWare Smart Community builds a smart integrated community management platform for a community in Beijing

Village-level community management has been realized. The platform covers 23 major service modules, 143 function items and 300+ function points. It provides several channels such as residents APP, community platform web/APP and smart large screens to meet the needs of residents’ daily life, community device management, and visual supervision of data, focuses on practical application scenarios of community management, and provides multiple services such as access control with temperature measurement, resident move-in, people and house information identification, management of village management fee, equipment management, and community services.

  • 30,000+ The number of connected residents
AISWare Smart Community builds a smart integrated community management platform for a community in Jiangsu

The community security applications, property management application, and life service application are realized, mainly covering 14 major function modules to meet the basic information management of people, houses and vehicles, and device access and management functions such as access control, video monitoring, and parking barrier gate. It provides community property with functions such as visitors, affairs or repairs reporting, payment management, notification and announcements. At the same time, the mini program for residents offers convenience for the daily life of the owners.

  • 2000+ the community product has been deployed
AISWare Smart Community builds a manhole cover management platform for a certain area in Hebei

The manhole cover management platform is an independent service platform separated from the community platform. The platform realizes the management of manhole cover equipment, equipment alarm information, and inspection task, and analysis reports. At the same time, it also provides a large management screen of manhole covers for managers to intuitively view the positions, statuses, alarms and other information of all manhole covers. The online manhole cover management is realized, which reduces the daily workload of managers, and enables intuitive viewing of current equipment and management work.

  • 300+ accessed local manhole cover equipment
AISWare Smart Community builds a smart integrated community management platform for a community in Jiangxi

While realizing the basic capability management of property, it focuses on building the comprehensive management capability of the neighborhood/community, and conducts unified management of special groups of people, target teenagers, and the elderly. A comprehensive community governance platform based on grid management units has been built, which covers 26 service modules, 185 function items and 400+ function points.

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