AISWare Activity Platform

Providing one-stop marketing campaign management services for large TV screens, and comprehensively enhancing the degree of user activity of the platform from campaign template design, campaign configuration, prize management, to statistics and analysis of campaign data.

Product superiority

Product value


Follower increase of official accounts

  • Based on the perfect activity process mechanism of the Activity Platform, the goal of follower increase can be quickly achieved through configuration.

Achieving brand promotion

  • The corporate brand elements are configured in marketing activities to strengthen corporate brand image exposure, and enhance user perception.

Enhancing user retention

  • Regular activity marketing covering various festivals and hot spots can be carried out to constantly increase user stickiness.

Increasing sales conversion

  • Coupons or vouchers can be distributed through activities to guide users to redeem and consume online and offline, which effectively improves order conversion.

Application scenario

Covering a variety of activity scenarios
  • Follower increase of official accounts
  • Achieving brand promotion
  • Enhancing user retention
  • Increasing sales conversion

Customer success case

Activity Activity Platform provides a one-stop marketing activity platform for a provincial company of China Unicom

The customer was provided with a full set of marketing campaign plans, including template design, activity rule setting, prize management, topic management, setting of probability of winning, etc., and activity data statistics was completed to make the customer understand the effect of the activity. Finally, the increase in the degree of activity of existing users was achieved.

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