AISWare OSS-OC provides services to relevant operations personnel of operators. With the work order process as the core, it adopts micro-service cloud architecture, AI and other technologies to realize unified and centralized scheduling and management of operations personnel and tasks, important switchovers, network costs, and operations knowledge, in order to create a digital and intelligent operations system with hierarchical decoupling of application data, open capabilities, service sharing, and visual process.

Product superiority

Product value


Technical empowerment

  • Mature technologies such as cloud native, artificial intelligence, and self-developed localized databases create an integrated technology foundation, realize the opening up and sharing of core technical capabilities, and solve a series of maintenance and evolution problems caused by the backwardness of existing system technology architecture for customers.

Production efficiency improvement

  • The new process center integrates design, management, monitoring, and operation to help customers realize the visual and rapid design and release of processes, improve overall production efficiency, and contribute to cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Safe and steady

  • Multi-service distributed deployment is adopted to achieve load balancing and automatic switching of multiple services. Single-point failure does not affect system availability, and the annual reliability of system is up to 99.9%, which serves customers 7×24 hours.

Application scenario

  • Electronic operations
  • Commission maintenance management
  • Operations portal
  • AISWare OSS-OC

Customer success case

AISWare OSS-OC supports the quick launching of a province’s electronic operations application software

It breaks the original operations response model, improves the efficiency of operations response, achieves the operations targets of “fast demand”, “fast development”, “fast deployment”, and “fast maintenance”, guarantees the smooth transition of the existing network system of customer, supports zero-fault operation of services, and realizes smooth function migration and system replacement.

  • 50% The demand response time is accelerated by
  • 50% the launching cost is reduced by
AISWare OSS-OC innovatively drives the integrated support system of a province’s commission maintenance center

It has built the support capacity middle-ground of OSS domain, created the installation and maintenance support system for the new generation of network, and established a new generation of commission maintenance center. It provides managers with a variety of control methods, and provides timely and efficient service support for front-line staff, which has been recognized by users and leaders at all levels

  • 30% The manual scheduling time is reduced by
  • 90% the timely performance rate is increased to
AISWare OSS-OC makes efforts and tackles challenges to build a provincial operations management center

This is the first complete construction based on the group’s “2+5+N” OSS system planning. Through capability opening, the service capabilities of the operations management center are built for different application scenarios and customer needs, and realize the electronic, standardized, process-oriented, microservice-based management of operations management of the whole province.

  • 50% The demand response time is accelerated by
  • 20% work order processing efficiency is improved by

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