AISWare IoT is committed to helping IoT operators create an open, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, cloud-based, and secure IoT platform, and provide customized solutions and expert services for key industries.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Core Platform Capabilities

    It provides customers with network connection, device access and control, device assets and their usage management functions, integrates ecological capabilities and exposes them to external partners, and realizes secure, efficient and intelligent support for customers' IoT business operations.

  • Industry Platform Capabilities

    AISWare IoT cooperates with the industrial value chain of CSP and terminal device vendors, CP/SP/OTT ecological partners through 5G+ IoT key field technologies to expand ecological cross-border integration, ecological digital construction, and sustainable operations, it provides various users with end-to-end enablement in "platform + application model" for realizing digital transformation.


AISWare IoT has served the three major Chinese operators in the IoT core platform and industry application fields, as well as industries such as energy, transportation, manufacturing, e-government, and public services; the product has been listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology‘s ICT Industry Development Planning, IoT Volume (2016- 2020).