By exploring high-quality network contents and hotspot information, the media information contents are intelligently sorted according to specific algorithms. Performing traffic rankings for featured first, and obtaining network hotspot information on major platforms to intelligently match the contents of featured first. Evaluating the effect of recommended contents.

Product superiority

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Media information list

  • IPTV media information databases are matched with the Internet media information databases to display the media information that are not stored in the IPTV information asset databases in a differentiated manner.

IPTV list

  • Ranking is performed within IPTV media information database according to different categories, including: Overall list of films and TV series, film lists, variety show list, TV series lists, etc. The ranking can be performed based on: freshness, popularity, and recommendation scores, and recommendation scores are comprehensively evaluated based playing data of media information and Internet media evaluation data.

Intelligent matching of featured first

  • The featured first is connected with EPG to identify the ranking of the featured first traffic (playing volume), and each featured first is matched with the most suitable TV series for operation. Getting real-time network hotspot information of major platforms, displaying the source of hot searches, the number of hot searches, and matched media information content. The media information cataloging information matched by hotspots can be viewed, including: poster, casts, director, etc.

Recommendation effect evaluation

  • Displaying the episodes operated by each featured first and the corresponding conversion rate, number of hits and clicking users, displaying the number of hits and clicking users of each featured first, and displaying the trend of payment conversion rate.

Application scenario

Intelligent recommendation model
  • Personalization
  • Marketing middle-ground
  • Knowledge middle-ground
  • Data middle-ground

Customer success case

Intelligent Editing System contributes to the establishment of a digital operation platform of wireless media in a province

The intelligent editing assistance system solves the digital operation problems for operators, aggregates the film and TV series recommendations of the entire network platforms, and combines the media information capabilities of the province to recommend films and TV series to family users in targeted manner to improve operational efficiency. Distinguished from domestic and foreign similar media information label recommendation algorithms, the province’s intelligent editing assistance system uses its own knowledge map capabilities to associate social hot spots with media information and operate through hot spots.

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