Integrating enterprise data and combining typical application scenarios to provide user-oriented precision marketing services for various industries, meet customers’ applications in decision-making support, potential customer mining and other directions, and drive the digital transformation of marketing of corporate customers.

Product superiority

Product value


Subdividing customer market

  • By subdividing the market, it directly serves the target audience, and develops personalized products in accordance with the special requirements of customers, which is also in line with the characteristics of the current process-oriented bank.

Reducing marketing costs

  • Compared with the previous marketing system, Financial Marketing System realizes precision marketing and further reduces the scope of audience. In the face of increasing human capital costs, it can save a lot of labor costs and reduce promotion costs.

Improve marketing efficiency

  • The information technologies which can improve the efficiency of modern marketing are applied to accurately portray customers and subdivide customer markets for “precise” matching, and accurate contact, which can greatly increase the success rate of marketing.

Application scenario

App user attraction and activation
  • Developing customers through offline ground promotion
  • New cards and new devices installation, new user attraction, and arousing
  • App activation of cross-industry alliance
Precision operation of specific customer groups
  • Attraction operation of college graduates
  • Stock operation of overseas customers
  • Operation of migrant workers who return to hometowns
Marketing of financial management and loan products
  • Wealth management business development
  • ETC business development
  • Petty loan business development

Customer success case

Precision marketing of a rural commercial bank during peak season

A rural commercial bank’s head office in a municipality directly under the Central Government conducted marketing for customers returning home during the peak season of the Spring Festival through Financial Marketing System, realizing a double-digit net increase of deposits in single day for three consecutive days before the Spring Festival compared with that of last year, achieving billions of net increase in single day, and attracting tens of billions of reserves in the first quarter.

  • 1878 precision marketing
  • 2340669 activities reached
Analysis of site selection of a certain city commercial bank

A city commercial bank in Hunan Province cooperated with AsiaInfo to evaluate the sites of new outlets. With the capability of Financial Marketing System, sample characteristic learning was conducted to the two existing outlets with the best operating conditions, and based on the characteristics of the samples, data analysis and evaluation were carried out on the pre-selected sites and alternative sites for new outlets, and the sites were finally determined.

  • 400 outlets were analyzed to help the customer finally determine the sites
Holiday marketing activities of a state-owned bank branch

In October 2019, the Bank adopted AsiaInfo’s Financial Marketing System to carry out precision marketing of mobile banking APP activation. It successfully activated 17,351 users with a marketing conversion rate of 6.94%, far exceeding traditional channels, and achieving a remarkable marketing effect.

  • 25w It reached
  • 1.7w successfully activated
  • 6.94% a marketing conversion rate of

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