AISWare Engineering Supervision

With video scheduling as the core, it provides “one set of standards, one platform, and multiple systems” to create a smart supervision service platform taking engineering projects as the main body with multi-party collaboration, multi-level linkage, management pre-control, and efficient integration. It realizes the supervision over construction progress, investment progress, quality and safety of key projects, transforms “post-treatment” into “beforehand prevention” and “interim control”, further implements the main responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction and supervision responsibilities of government, strengthens the full-cycle supervision of key engineering projects, enhances the ability to inspect construction sites, and promotes the construction to be more standardized, information-based and procedure-based.

Product superiority

Product value


Intelligent project supervision

  • Through big data analysis and processing, a variety of automatic alarms, dispatching and rectification functions are provided to make project supervision more convenient and intelligent.

Viewing construction site with one window

  • The supervision department can supervise the construction progress and operation procedure of each key project in a web window in real time.

Entire process control of online supervision

  • The supervision platform can help supervision departments and other entities to achieve online linkage and coordination, quickly supervise and control the entire process.

Enhancing the constraining force of project implementation

  • The platform helps supervision departments discover and verify problems in a timely manner, thereby enhancing the constraining force of project implementation and better promoting the progress and quality of key projects.

Application scenario

Progress supervision
  • The construction unit reports the progress on time, the supervising unit reviews the progress based on real-time video, and the construction unit reports the investment progress to the supervision department on a periodic basis.
Safety supervision
  • If the supervising unit finds violations, the construction unit needs to handle the violations and synchronize the situation with the owner and the supervision department. After the violations are handled, the rectification situation is reviewed.
Quality supervision
  • After the third-party inspection agency conducts quality inspection on the project site, the construction unit reports the data, which is reviewed by the supervising unit and synchronized with the supervision department.
Attendance supervision
  • It is accessed to real-name attendance platforms or attendance machines to obtain the attendance of key personnel, and analyze attendance rates in multiple dimensions by project and by individual.
Environmental supervision
  • The platform gives real-time alarms to the environmental data of project and automatically initiates processing, and the supervising unit and supervising department carry out the supervision and inspection.

Customer success case

The key project supervision platform of a city

The platform helped the city’s key project management office to merge 70 projects within its jurisdiction into the platform for supervision, so that all project construction conditions can be checked in the office, greatly reducing the number of visits to the construction sites, and the time of rectification and verification of hidden problems has been reduced from 3 days to 1 day, with efficiency significantly improved.

Video scheduling big data platform in a city

It has been distributed and deployed in the Big Data Bureau, Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and the Traffic Investment Group of a city. The access of surveillance cameras of 118 engineering projects has been completed, which not only achieves the viewing of surveillance video for inspection, but also enables real-time voice communication with the person in charge of project site regarding the problems found in surveillance video.

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