AISWare CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is micro-service and cloud based and supports multiple industries. It runs perfectly on mainstream technology platforms, such as AIF and AWS, and mainly serves customer relationship management and digital customer operation for digital transformation. Based on the "customer-centric" concept, it provides intelligent marketing, customer management, channel management, partner management, and business process management. It has a series of standard business capabilities and general capabilities built in to help enterprises customers improve marketing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Diversified Contact-point Applications

    In accordance with the current Internet trend, we provide customers with a variety of scenarios and personalized customer interaction services, mainly including digital channels, customer operations, partner management, B2B management, intelligent marketing and other applications to meet enterprises' demands of non-interrupt interaction with customers through multiple contact-points.

  • Standard Business Capabilities

    It provides standard business capabilities that have been proven in a wide range of scenarios and have been tested for a long term, enabling business development and launch through GUI-based configuration to help customers with quick time to market.

  • Flexible Customized Support Platform

    Based on standard business processes and capabilities, AISWare CRM adopts business customization tools such as business process customization, contact-point framework, experience design, and application management. Customers can transform business processes according to their own needs to meet business needs and to adapt to rapid changes in business needs.


AISWare CRM is widely used in telecom, cable, finance and other industries. It successfully launched in China Post Group and other enterprises.