AISWare AiDO is an agile development platform independently developed by AsiaInfo, running through all activities of agile development practice and strictly complying with lean and agile requirements. DevOps can realize the overall visualization from the original needs of users to the generation of code, compilation and deployment, and online testing. AISWare AiDO provides customers with high-efficiency and high-quality software development support capabilities with simple applications and reliable performance, helping customers complete rapid product development and delivery, and maximize business value goals.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Agile Coach Consulting Services

    Provide DevOps and agile maturity assessment, DevOps system planning, agile coaching service, professional test team support, function point estimation training service.

  • Flexible Tool Chain

    Dual-mode IT support, enterprise internal system integration, multi-center R&D support, rich process components, IT processes customized on demand, visual layout.

  • Agile R&D management

    Based on story splitting and agile dashboard, we provide visual, transparent and measurable agile R&D processes.

  • Automated Layered Testing

    Advanced automated unit testing, interface testing, UI testing, performance testing and security testing help improve the quality and efficiency of software delivery.

  • Digital Measurement Analysis

    Timely and accurate monitoring, visual measurement and statistical analysis and measurement-based data can continue to promote organizational effectiveness.

  • Efficient Teamwork

    Through the workflow to open up the department wall horizontally, through the task flow to open up the tool chain vertically, AiDO supports multi-team collaboration and social collaboration, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.


AISWare AiDO is widely used in telecommunications, finance, energy and other industries. It has been applied to customers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, etc., and has passed the ICT DevOps continuous delivery maturity level 3 standard certification in the project many times.