AISWare AIDO Helps A Bank to Realize DevOps Agile Development System

Customer requirement

During the IT construction of a bank, the traditional waterfall development model has been unable to adapt to the rapid changes in market demand. The lengthy development approval process, the inefficient application release model, the chaotic code product management, and the fragmented development and operation and maintenance stages have limited the rapid development of the bank's information technology. The bank hopes to build a comprehensive online, automated and standardized development and maintenance system through the DevOps project, improve continuous delivery efficiency and quality, and quickly respond to changes in market demand, thereby enhancing its competitiveness in the industry and maintaining its excellent level in the industry .

Construction Plan

AsiaInfo implements the DevOps system at the bank, builds an end-to-end DevOps platform, supports dual-mode ”agile“and “steady” R&D management models, and takes continuous delivery as the core to achieve automation and standardization. At the same time, it builds an end-to-end data measurement indicator system, and improves the overall management level of development and operation and maintenance from efficiency and quality through refinement and visualization. The core functions of the platform include: dashboard management, pipeline management, continuous integration pipeline, continuous deployment pipeline, and end-to-end measurement visualization. The overall functional architecture design is as follows:

Application Effect

This project assists the bank to complete the DevOps R&D operation and maintenance integration project construction goals, complete system construction, cultural construction, platform construction, talent training and ability certification, etc.:

  • 1)System construction

    guide team-level lean/agile practices to provide support for scaled agile; provide method guidance for lean/agile coaches; and provide lean transformation basis for project managers.

  • 2)Cultural construction

    Build and promote DevOps and agile culture to provide cultural support for organizational-level agile transformation.

  • 3)Platform construction

    to achieve project-level agile R&D mode work support, to achieve continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) capabilities, and improve integration efficiency.

  • 4)Talent construction

    Conduct the first phase of internal agile coach training and complete the training of 33 agile coaches; promote and mentor pilot project to use agile work model to solve the problem of agile and system collaboration in practice.

  • 5)Authoritative certification

    “New Personal Mobile Banking Project”, “Express Collaboration Platform Upgrade and Optimization Project“ and ”Asset Custody Clearing System Project“ successfully passed the ”DevOps Continuous Delivery Capability Maturity“ of China Information and Communications Research Institute Level 3 certification.