AISWare HyperView

AISWare HyperView is a digital twin scene construction system independently developed by AsiaInfo Technologies. It is a three-dimensional visualization product based on core technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Through data collection, data modeling, model processing, model display, and business combination, the complicated data is simplified and correlated, and presented in a more intuitive and vivid visual form, allowing the data to be displayed on the screen to interpret the stereoscopic beauty of the data. It helps all industries to quickly build "super vision" capabilities, supports enterprises' 5G visual upgrade and transformation, and provides 3D visualization solutions for different scenarios.

Functional architecture

Product advantages

  • Easy to learn

    Using native WebGL development language and easy-to-use 3D building tools, front-end developers can get started immediately.

  • Quick build

    Provides 1000+ 3D model libraries, which can help non-professional 3D designers to quickly build 3D scenes at low cost.

  • Improve efficiency

    Provides standardized components based on various scenarios to help developers in direct development, greatly improving the development efficiency of 3D applications.

  • One-click deployment

    It can be directly deployed in online SaaS mode and generate a scene QR code to directly access the constructed 3D visualization scene, which eliminates the need for users to do local installment and test, reduces costs and improves delivery efficiency.

  • Visual impact

    2D + 3D chart component library and SVG special effects with different styles are available for users to choose, bringing a shocking visual experience to users.

  • End-to-end service

    Not only provide users product capabilities, but also provide end-to-end service capabilities. The entire service from modeling to presenting business.


In the field of government affairs and public services, AISWare HyperView can build a stereoscopic, comprehensive, controllable, and traceable "city-level" 3D visualization platform for managers, which can be used in traffic management, population control, municipal services, special situation handling, and epidemic prevention.In the field of enterprise applications, this product can be widely used in visualization of buildings, security management, software and hardware equipment monitoring, resource management, online exhibition, high-risk area management with visualization, stream of people analysis in commercial center, network and operation and control for port station or bus station.