AISWare DataGo-Data asset management products

AISWare DataGo products mainly serve front-line business personnel, data analysis and decision-making personnel, data management and operation and maintenance personnel, providing a unified data operation management platform for them ; Adopting AI, NLP, knowledge map and other new technologies, it innovatively solves the dual problem of data management and data application, and helps enterprises to master their own online and offline data assets. The product has the characteristics of integration, intelligence and microservice. It can realize the automatic inventory of data and complete the management of the whole data life cycle by using embedded tools.

Functional Architecture

Product Advantages

  • Perfect data governance and control capability

    By providing a complete and detailed blood analysis, it fully traces the impact of data; through one-stop unified operation and maintenance monitoring, it solves the data asset management problems encountered by enterprises in the process of data application, and achieves unified management and control and ”there is something in mind“

  • Provide efficient means of data development and application

    Provide development management covering the whole process of data assets, break silos, decouple application from platform and separate from data , improve data opening ability, reduce the difficulty of management, operation and maintenance; provide rich component library to help enterprises quickly realize data analysis and application.

  • Help improve enterprise ROI

    It adopts distributed cloud computing architecture and open unified data development management and control platform, encapsulates the underlying capabilities, simplifies development, and reduces the cost of data storage, processing and management.

  • Realize data assets monetization

    Data analysis and control are implemented internally, data-driven business scenarios are established, and business efficiency is improved; multiple modes such as data products, data services, cooperative operations are constructed externally, which generate new business value.


DataGo products have been widely used in telecom operators, postal enterprises, airlines, power enterprises, banks, insurance companies, and government departments to meet the application needs of various industries. At the same time, which has won a good market response.