AISWare Anti-fraud System

In order to reduce the amount of fraud cases and the number of people defrauded, increase the rate of detection and efforts of crackdown, and achieve the goal of “two decreases and two increases” of the public security department. AsiaInfo makes use of big data and AI technology to accurately identify the information such as traditional telecom fraud, and establish a full process anti-fraud warning and prevention & control system of “exante, mid-interim, exposure and expost”.

Product superiority

Product value


Reducing reporting rate of telecom fraud

  • Performing powerful intervention when fraud occurs, thereby effectively reducing the reporting rate of fraud

Improving the detection rate

  • Based on information traceability and cross-comparison of data, monitoring high-risk phone number segments to provide convincing evidence for cracking the case

Improving people’s satisfaction

  • With big data capabilities, early warning and intervention can be conducted before fraud occurs, and remedial action afterwards can be upgraded to beforehand prevention, which greatly reduces the loss of the people and improves people’s satisfaction

Application scenario

Precise identification and early warning
  • Carrying out accurate identification and early warning of high-risk victims such as college students and empty-nest elderly in rural areas, so as to curb fraud from the source
Quick termination of the out of service status and re-activation
  • Providing SMS reminder and online appeal and re-activation services through official account. Users who have been out of service by mistake will re-activate in real time by self-service, which greatly improves user perception。
Recognition of abnormal holding of phone cards, and dens tracing
  • Based on the three major directions of customer characteristics, operation methods, and potential motivations, accurately recognizing and cracking down on abnormal card holders
  • The fraud scenarios-based real-time adaptive machine model focuses on abnormal social network behaviors to accurately identify criminal dens

Customer success case

Anti-fraud System has been put into use in cities of a province

Since the public security units in the cities of a certain province put Anti-fraud System into use, the anti-fraud efforts are significantly effective, the “quantity of numbers involved in the investigation” and the “data of user complaints and reports” have obviously declined.

  • 42w Several telecommunications network fraud cases have been prevented, property losses of more than
  • 99.4% the number of cases solved increased by
The number of cases of district and county public security bureaus of a city is decreasing YOY after Anti-fraud System was used

The public security bureau in the main urban area of a city used the pre-warning system, and conducts highly frequent publicity + accurate publicity for 1 month, which leads to a 22.95% drop in the number of reported cases. Immediate results have been achieved.

  • 22.95% drop in the number of reported cases in the region has been realized.
The number of cases in a district public security bureau has been greatly reduced after the pre-commercial service

A city’s subordinate district and county public security bureaus tried out the precise interim prevention function of the platform for half a month in August 2019. During the trial period, the number of reported cases decreased by 32 from the previous month, with a decrease of 23.07%.

  • 23.07% a decrease of

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